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  1. Fuck martians, they did nothing but party and when they got the space cops called on them they bailed and took the water with them. Don’t get me started on the tentacle they always just have flowing in the wind.

  2. You’re intelligent people, which is why I can’t understand the willful ignorance you guys show when it comes to characterizing the Republican view on gay marriage. Decent people can have differing opinions on whether or not marriage should be redefined from one man-one woman to one man-one man, one woman-one woman, and one man-one woman, and in the interest of full disclosure I personally think it should be redefined, but to disagree does not equal “hating gays” or “saying deplorable things about gay people”. Of course there’s some overlap; people against gay marriage because they don’t like gay people, but that is not represented at all among any Republican candidates… except possibly Rick Perry…

    1. Sorry, I personally have had as much as I can stand regarding tolerating intolerance. American people either have equal rights or they don’t, and I don’t really care how that’s defined or redefined by people willfully doing the excluding.
      Also, it’s not up to people outside the conservative party to find exceptions to the rule. Yeah, fuck Rick Perry and all that, but the burden of drawing the line between anti-gay people and people who seek to uphold anti-gay legislation is something I no longer have any time for.

      1. To be fair, as I’m sure you’d prefer to be, it’s not an issue of equal rights. Straight people don’t have a right to marriage that gay people don’t have. Everyone can be married to the opposite gender, to be intellectually honest you have to level with your opposition, the fact is it’s a redefinition. There’s no way around that.

        1. That’s the silliest argument I’ve ever heard. That’s like saying “well, women would have had the right to vote if they born men, and they had an equal chance to be born men as us men, so women not voting is fair”

          1. That’s an interesting way to put it, I never thought about it that way. However it’s not really a parallel analogy. If woman couldn’t vote, there’d be a distinction between what they could do; a man can vote, a woman can’t. In the case of gay marriage, a straight man is no more legally able to marry another man as a gay man can, as a gay man can legally marry a woman, just like a straight man can. It’s a strictly semantic argument I admit, but it’s important one. You can’t really say it’s a violation of equal protection under the law. Again, I understand that argument could also be applied to argue that barring interracial marriage isn’t an issue of equal rights, as the white person is restricted from marrying a black person just as much as the other way around. However, the argument that would defeat that defense is that unlike the difference between a man and a woman, there are no comparable inherent difference between race. At any rate, my original point is that it’s ridiculously unfair to paint all Republican presidential candidates and their supporters as being anti-gay for supporting a definition of male-female marriage (WHICH TO REMIND YOU, I OPPOSE). The percentage of those that want anything other than for gay people to have wonderful prosperous healthy relationships is present, yes, there’s no arguing that, but the majority, no, significant, mmmnot really. If you want me to put an opinionated percentage on it I’d say something like 15% are primarily motivated by discomfort of gays. The remaining 85% would have absolutely no problem, couldn’t give two shits whether friends and close relations are gay. That’s the view represented among the candidates. Just as I and I’m sure you would be opposed to painting all democrats as Socialists, to believe the segment of our population who vote Republican share animosity towards homosexuals is a really, really warped and distorted view of the society around you.

        2. I don’t wish to start a large disagreement on these issues here because this is a great entertainment podcast but I have to agree with Chris that there are so many people hiding behind arguments similar to yours that in fact just have social/religious objections to equal marriage rights. I am a happily married hetrosexual man and I can’t stand any discrimination of marriage laws, there is no need for us to worry about it, wouldn’t the world be better off if we didn’t have this as a thing to debate and just gave the same title and legal protections and advantages to of age people regardless of sexual preference?

          Why does it matter to you if Gay couples had the same marriage rights? It wouldn’t impact your life very much and in some regards added revenue streams to businesses and to the government such as fees like applying for a marriage license etc..

          Our country has a very high divorce rate and a large number of people get married several times in their life, what are we protecting that is so sacred that we have to exclude people from experiencing the same great joys and rights that we have.

          1. I think you missed the part where I said I think marriage should be redefined to include gays. My only point is that whereas I came to my opinion by weighing the sensible arguments presented by both sides against eachother, the overwhelming majority of other people, Chris included, think about the issue no farther than, We want fairness and equal rights, everyone else is a homophobic bigot on the same moral and intellectual level as Jim Crow racists. Thankfully that’s not the division, and frankly it’s really chilling to see a good chunk of Americans think that that’s really a divide that they see among their fellow citizens. Again, people who oppose gay marriage, to remind you AGAIN, I SUPPORT IT, opposing gay marriage is not hating gays, nor is it even being opposed to equal rights.

      2. As a gay person, I just want to say that I wish more people everywhere would be so awesome as you are Chris (presumably) about standing up for what should be the most basic of rights. It would be really easy to just not say anything, as many people do.
        So yeah, seriously. Thank you for not tolerating bullshit. It actually means a lot to me.

  3. I’m surprised if Brett did not know this: An episode featuring the Middle Eastern nation of “CARBOMBYA” caused Lebanese Casey Kasem to quit G1 Transformers.

  4. I didn’t even think about this coming out today since last week’s came out late. Awesome. And I have a feeling that a certain magic lamp will show up.

  5. I actually saw Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the first time a week ago. Wow, was that a revelation. In retrospect, it’s amazing that kind of stuff was acceptable. Post WWII, it makes sense for Asian people to be easily caricaturized and made fun of, but I’d think they’d use that crutch much more sparingly. It was both hilarious and unnerving.


  6. Looks like some one needs a little more info on Remo Williams! The Destroyer series boasts over 150 novels, and Graphic Audio is doing the audiobook adaptations. Just process that $#+ for a moment. 150+….

    Gedde Watanabe is brought up, and nobody mentions UHF?

    And one site you might be thinking of is RaceBending.com which came about when M. Night Shyamalan made that horrid Last Airbender movie.

    Wow, two of the three films mentioned in this post were faile franchises.

    Hey, one more link: The Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia at Ferris State University.

      1. Doesn’t mean it is not in my collection. I have to live my disease… and my copies of The Tuxedo and The Medallion. Oh well at least I have multiple copies of Fantasy Mission Force and The Legend of Drunken Master.

      1. I still believe the accusations of Arkham City being racist aren’t well founded. At all. I could go into why, but I really shouldn’t have to.

  7. More like c man toucher ista, because gay. Seriously though I’d be happier of marriage was open to all men and women, but not animals.

  8. I would argue to Brett that British people are racially stereotyped in American shows all the time especially in shows such as Family Guy. Don’t get me wrong as a British person I don’t get offended by it at all and in fact find it hilarious. I just don’t get why a chinese stereotype is such a taboo but a British one is fine.

  9. hunh… interesting episode. a bunch of suburban white guys talking about stereo types and racism.
    why are you guys even standing close to this fire?
    the episode doesn’t serve a purpose, unless you really dive down into the topic,(even if you’re being funny about it) but you guys just faffed around in the shallow end of the pool the whole episode.

    let me say, chris antista, i’m a bit disappointed in you as a cartoon lover, not mentioning the notorious “Censored Eleven.” we watched Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs in my old animation history class, and even tho it’s pretty well animated it is SOOOOOO racist.
    these are all shorts you HAVE to see.
    watch them chris. then report back to me when you’re done.
    if you don’t, i’m busting you down to cartoon private first class. XD

  10. Great show guys. Grimm is a great addition to the cast, hope to hear him in future episodes. Oh and yah, I spit my coffee out when I heard the Jungle Book reference. Anyway, love the cast! Thank you for continuing to do it.

  11. Louis Prima (king louie) and Phil Harris (baloo). An Italian dude and a white enjoying jazz. Don’t see anything wrong with that?

  12. Yet another great episode of Lasertime concluded, I will be sad until I get my next fix! Also, thanks for acknowledging and bringing up the issues women are still facing today with sexism Brett.Unfortunately it seems like it is still very prevalent in American media and culture. It’s not ok and it’s really annoying that when it’s called out, for example in the case of the Arkham City writers treatment of the Catwoman character, the most frequent response still seems to be any variation of: “It’s not that big a deal/that’s just the way it is, get over it”. I argue that if something is never called out and acknowledged as being wrong and detrimental then there will never be any chance to discuss it and change it for the better. So, thanks again Brett and all the good folks at Lasertime and TDar for acknowledging the idiocy and wrongness of sexism and old and new forms of racism in the media and for just being awesome, keep up the great work :).

  13. Great episode as always guys. Make sure you keep bringing Grimm back.

    Has anyone read the Lovecraft short “The Dunwich Horror”, by the way. I wasn’t prepared for the mindblowing levels of racism in that, so I was caught quite off guard.

  14. I had a Japanese professor in college who had a hard time remembering when to use Rs and when to use Ls. I’ve seen signs written by Japanese students that said “congraturations.” These stereotypes aren’t things just made up out of whole cloth. Getting offended by activities you can easily find examples of in real life seems silly to me.

  15. As a black male the one thing that makes me cringe that debatably isn’t even racist is Mass Effect 2’s Jacob Taylor Character. It’s not that he portrays any stereotype, it’s that in a world of interesting and diverse characters Jacob is the least so and is primarily a black token character to me. I still love the whole damn series though.

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