Speaking of old timey racism…

lol this! This is a sketch Henry, Brett and I did parodying LA Noire last year, and if it weren’t for fine Twitter curator deathbyyeti, I completely would’ve forgotten it ever existed. Strangely, I don’t hate it as much as I used to… whudda you think? Should we do more sketches on Laser Time?

34 thoughts on “Speaking of old timey racism…

  1. Wow, did not know the preview image on the video would be my big stupid face. It’s like I’m asking to be raped to death

  2. Yes definitely do more. They always turned out great and were funny as hell. I would love to see them come back.

  3. I remember this sketch, and yes to more sketches. Your sketches always make me laugh and are usually the highlight of the podcast for me when you have one.

  4. i agree to more sketches but the all need to be introduced by orsen welles.
    ps. i have a t-shirt with that communist party picture on it

  5. I appreciate that he used my drawing of Henry, but are there REALLY not enough regular pictures of Hank to use?

  6. YES! Make more sketches. I wanted to submit my idea but you stopped doing them. That and I don’t think I have 5o bucks to spare. Gotta check.

  7. I thought the sketches in TDar breaks were always a brilliant change in pace. Don’t think you could go too wrong adding sketches to LT.

  8. I totally remembered this and I loved how well it turned out. The sketches were a great way to break up the podcast every now and then and I think you guys should do them here as well.

  9. god bless deathbyyeti, idea for a skit: Alternate scene from back to the future where Marty fahookes his mom without realising who she is and Doc Brown breaks the news to him

  10. Listened to this so much that I realize what you guys are saying, and notice how much talent it took to write it. Please do moaar!

  11. i loved the drakes fortune sketch, and yes to more sketches. but i’d also enjoy more improv, i loved the inuitie improv

  12. Your sketches are always awesome, I still listen to A GamesRadar Christmas Carol every now and then just for a laugh. And……and….Brunswick Bowling!

    1. I think you have great writing for these sketches. In particular, I remember the Uncharted/ancient temple architect sketch being super funny and entertaining. Do more! 😀

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