53 thoughts on “Laser Time – Simpsons Sing the Blehs

  1. I actually tuned into this ep while waiting for family guy and american dad.
    It was actually silly like the old ones used to be and played off an over the top premise(the town getting rid of the simpsons) and had the ol’ town citizens idiocy.

    Loved it

    hopefully theyve got their shit back in order and will stop trying to be fuckin topical and making parodies of modern day celebs and shit.

  2. If you told me two weeks ago there would be a lasertime with worse music than the super bowl songs i’d call bullshit.

  3. For the record, I feel physically nauseous after listening to this episode. I’m not saying that the two things are connected, but they are.

  4. Just watched new simpsons episode and honestly im surprised it took the whole town to do that to the simpsons family thats how i imagined the series ending

  5. I got the Yellow Album when it came out, and I think I listened to it once. The 90’s music actually sounds less crappy to me now than it did back then, I think, which seems to be happening with 80’s movies, too. They were cool at the time, shunned for a couple of decades, now they’re coming around again.

  6. This will be my reward for when I finish/hand in the most spectacularly late, shoddy and doomed to fail assignment of my academic life later today. Wish me luck Lasertime…

  7. i stopped watchin Simpsons after season 11,12 …. so ive not watched the last 10 seasons of it (well the odd one now & then) so it be good to hear wat ur thoughts are on the sad slide of the show it took and continues to take …….. luv the show, Tdard for life … now Laserbeam!? for life 🙂

  8. “Sisters Are-” gah… Okay, so which version is the more cringeworthy? The Sisters Are Doing it for Themselves by the Lisa Simpson, or by Xena: Warrior Princess?

    Oh, wow… a show opener top 5 list of Musical Episodes from the 90s…

  9. That was fucking awful. Not the lastertime guys of course, but the music was painful. I guess one way of connecting to your audience is sharing a joint terrible experience, but can you never do anything so horrible again?

    Looking forward to next weeks episode, and hope that talkradar isn’t dead.

  10. this episode was best when you guys were just talking/analysing the simpsons. the music was the least interesting part 🙁

  11. Ooooohhhh man! Simpsons Sing the Blues. I remember listening to that ’till death. I didn’t have a Walkman when I got it so I had to listen to it on the stereo. I wonder how crazy I must have driven everyone listening in my house.

  12. Yep, bought the Yellow Album after the two fantastic Songs In The Key of Springfield albums (there’s actually three, but the third is mostly stuff Post Season Ten so held no interest for me) mostly on the back of it having Hail To Thee Kamp Krusty. I returned it to Borders shortly afterwards.

  13. I don’t know how to say this without sounding like the guy in the comments that loves saying, “You forgot this!” when you didn’t, but I was slightly miffed you “forgot” the Bart Simpson ft. Michael Jackson classic, “Happy Birthday Lisa”. Not only is it a great song, it’s also a Tdar tie-in (finished off 58, the MJ podcast).

    In case that block of code doesn’t magically become a video, here’s the link:


    I had been absent from both the GR main page and the GR forums for quite a while, so I would like to express my sadness in regards to the current state of TalkRadar. As a fan since podcast 15, I’ve been living with TalkRadar for the 3 and a half years it’s been on. It had become central to my life, an ending to my crappy week that cheered me up. TDar had been ‘falling apart’ for a while now despite the efforts of the hosts, and I’m glad to have the good memories that I do, but I can’t help but be sad that an integral staple of my life for a good long while is gone, or at least on ‘hold’.

  14. Amazing episode lifted my spirits with there being no new tdar. You guys + bad audio is just SO SO SO SO GOOD! Loved the simpsons chat at the start as well

  15. Some of the songs sounded like UmJammer Lammy. Also, the last song, Bart goes into saying that “I’m not prince…I’m borrowing his song…I’m not Nirvana.” What?

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