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    1. I’m lazy and I don’t like change. So I have been reading the site and listening to the podcasts but I never registered onto the site. Like I said lazy. But having seen that Henry followed through and created a comic centric podcast made me come back to the site and register just to place a comment encouraging Henry to keep it up. So yeah, I will participate. Thank you.

  1. I’ve only read Scott Pilgrim (and the Mirror’s Edge comic, but it sucked and I only did it because I have a stupid obsession with that game), but I’ll give it a go.

  2. More Podcasts? I barely have enough room left on my hard drive for Tdar and Lasertime. But as others said grateful that you guys do this.

  3. Hell yes. Now we just need a podcast for Mikel where he recites random facts and one for Michael where he just bitches about stuff and me weekdays are set.

  4. I’m super-happy to see this finally came out. Suffice to say, I will now proceed to hit the download button with devastating force whilst shouting “Excelsior!” to the heavens!

  5. Henry! Even if you decide to completely change the format of the show for episode 2 (which I can’t entirely recommend considering I’ve read 2 comics in my life and still found it interesting) you can NOT change the intro music. Not only does SMB have some of the best music in recent memory, but I thought it really fit well.

    Also, I enjoy being able to type ” Hulk Dick” and not be worried about where I’ll be redirected.

  6. This was a great listen. Vertigo was my entryway into comics, but now I have a huge mix of Vertigo, DC, Marvel, Image, and other indie published stuff that I read. I hope you guys always have different of books, styles, and genres to discuss.

  7. I’m not that into comics, but I don’t mind hearing about them, and I’d hate to miss out on anything done by this group of fellas. I hope it continues to be as interesting as this origin story, and doesn’t fall off after 25 episodes or so.

  8. Yes! I have been asking for this and as a fan of comics, I approve of this and can’t wait to listen to this podcast- downloading now!

  9. Another great podcast from Laser Time Networks. Hank, awesome!!! From the ashes of TDAR more awesome will arise!!

  10. Very awesome episode, next one just needs a little more organization. Also not a fan of the meat boy intro, its cool but in no way represents the greatness to come in cape crisis.

  11. This is awesome!! Even for a first episode this shows a ton of potential. Can’t wait to see what other topics come about. I could see an entire episode devoted to Todd Mcfarline (the good and the bad) which could be very interesting.

  12. Interesting listen. Seems like you folks are doing a great job in your individual projects to give us enough content to make up for the disappearance of tdar.

  13. I haven’t been into comic since Spiderman got rid of the black suit. At various times I tried to get back into them but I never knew where to start again. This show is going to be perfect for me. I recently download the Marvel app and felt lost. Thanks to Henry’s recommendation I am going to search for Gotham Central comic on the DC Comics blog.

    As far as my guilty pleasure, I really liked the Web of Spiderman comics but I was a novice so I didn’t really know it was sub-par. I was just excited to have a #1 comic and to have more Spiderman comics to read. I was young.

  14. Finished listening last night, it’s really good! BUT, Brett talk less, Henry talk more. Also you might want to go with the Laser Time & VGMpire color scheme. These are my only complaints!

    P.S Saying “The Laser Time Network” gives me goosebumps.

  15. AWESOME! I’m always up for another cast of pod. Antista, you should just come up with a production label for all the podcasts you help make happen. Congrats Henry. Can’t wait to listen.

  16. Just what I wanted. Ive been living in a small apartment so all my comics and trades have been boxed up and I had to stop buying them. Now I’ve moved and I have the comixology app, so I’m so glad this podcast is available

  17. Yes! Thanks for starting this one up guys, I’ve always loved hearing you talk about comics on other podcasts and wanted more. Even though I read comics a lot growing up, I only just started regularly reading them last year, so this will be a great way to fuel the comic fire!

    Keep up the awesome work guys!

  18. Finally got around to listening, great show, subscribed and reviewed on I tunes (5 stars). Anyone else really enjoy this podcast despite never owning or reading a comic?

  19. Hi there! I just want to say how excited I am that you guys went through with this idea. Im listening to it right now and I am loving it. I just started getting back in to comic books recently (4-5 months ago) and it’s nice to have some people helping me along towards checking out all the good stuff!

  20. I enjoyed this podcast since I have been trying to get back into reading some comics. Gotham Central sounds like a good start, keep them coming.

  21. After scouring every LT podcast other than Cheap Popcast, I’ve come to Cape Crisis with the goal of listening to every episode from #1 on, in this the year 2017. Very excited.

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