More wonderful, wonderful Laser Time fan art

Artist: EightBitRemix

A mighty thanks to all of you artistically inclined out there!

Thanks to all who have taken to the Photoshops and created art in honor of the stupid ass shit we do on an increasingly regular basis. And big, big thanks to badass artist Bryan “graboids” Ward, who basically did all the art you see on the site and in the Laser Time Store. Oh, and he also did this:

And thanks to XanderGC, for not only this piece:

(Even though Mike Grimm isn’t in the pic, I’m sure he’d appreciate it.) But here’s some more art from XanderGC, which I hope was inspired by our recent post of an ancient LA Noire sketch we did on the currently MIA TalkRadar.

And thanks guitarcreepshow for his third-string unofficial Laser Time mascot LASERTIM!

Also from guitarcreepshow, a reference I don’t immediately get, but would love to stick on a shirt nonetheless!

Big ups as well to hjels for this ultra classy look at your panel of revolving hosts.

And last but not least, here’s an amazingly updated look at BretBot from SoggySage.

Put that on a baseball card, fuck! Anyway, thank you guys so much for the art. and sorry for the delay in posting them. But hey, it’s not like the come in with the same frequency they used to 🙁 Either way, post em here in this thread if ya got em!

11 thoughts on “More wonderful, wonderful Laser Time fan art

  1. I love the art but I have no skill for making them. So keep ’em coming, I love to see them since I can’t make any myself.

  2. Wow the idea you guys saw my first proper tempt at photoshoping an decided to put it om your page is flattering to say the very least.

  3. wow this is great that you put these up, and as far as a reference to the fozzy pic there really isnt one its just fozzy thinkin about the good times he had as a kid and how now that hes an adult things just arnt as fun as they used to be, even for a bear who is also a stand up comidien, if you want to use it on a shirt that would be amazing but let me clean up the thought bubble and hopfully disney wont find out about you selling stuff with one of there characters,

  4. I would add Grimm to any fan-art, but his pics are so hard to come by. Thanks for the shout-out Chris, LT is definitely something to be inspired by and to create fan-art for. Keep it up all of you. 😀

    Brettbot is pretty awesome looking lol.

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