The 10 best video game trees

7 – HAROLD (Fallout 3)

Much like Resident Evil’s T-Virus, Fallout has a long list of Forced Evolutionary viruses (FEVs) that, you guessed it, make weird shit happen to people. One such weird shit is the tree that grows out of poor Harold’s head. I’m not terribly familiar with the series as a whole, but when it comes to vaguely uncomfortable tree-people, Harold beats out the Living Forest any day.


The short version of Harold’s story is that he was exposed to the FEV, which made the tree, who he calls Bob, sprout from his head. Over the years and after much adventuring, Bob grew so large he eventually rooted Harold into the ground and forced him to sit there for years. Upon encountering Harold in Fallout 3, you can eventually choose to kill or spare him; the latter gives him new reason for living, and this sad story comes to a happy end. Plenty more on the Harold Wiki.

6 – WHISPY WOODS (Kirby’s Dream Land)

On the other end of face-filled tree people lies Whispy Woods, who embodies everything uncool about foliage foes. He just sits there, planted in place and waits for Kirby to float his ass over, at which point Mr (Mrs?) Woods gently blows some wind Kirby’s way, or perhaps shakes a bit and causes an apple to fall. And since this is Kirby, said apples only serve to act as projectiles he can then fire back at Whispy Woods. So his main attack actually supplies Kirby with the means to win. This asshole deserves to lose!


But as a video game tree? Pretty cool. He takes up the whole side of the screen, appears in multiple games and acts as a great easy boss to best early in the adventure. In fact, if a Kirby game doesn’t begin with a battle against Whispy, I daresay that game is bullshit and I hate it (PS that’s not true).

Dream Land 2 offers an even weaker, even weirder take on Whispy Woods

His appearance across the Kirby series is generally the same, though as you can see above, he does occasionally receive a slight visual upgrade. But in the end, his attacks are futile, and I have to wonder if he’s actually a bad guy at all. I mean, he just sits there, rooted into the earth. Kirby would have to go out of his way to cross paths with Whispy, only to bust his nose and move on. Just leave the poor thing alone!

5 – THE GREAT DEKU TREE (Ocarina of Time)

Why would a dreary, sleepy tree make it onto a list of best trees? Because this one happens to kick off one of the most influential and widely loved games in history. While my current opinion of Ocarina of Time is well chronicled, I’ll never forget how wonderful and straight-up magical it was in 1998. From the moment this imposing yet clearly gentle giant set Link upon his quest, I’ve held a strong affinity for the dying Deku Tree.

It helps if you imagine him talking like Unicron

As a tree, he’s a mixed bag. Sure he’s impressively large and undoubtedly important, but he’s all wilty and dies about 45 minutes into this rather long adventure. That said, he’s obviously lived a very important, exciting life up to this point, and knows all kinds of important lore, so let’s just cut the big guy some slack and let him have this number five spot, OK?

4 – THE MANA TREE (Secret of Mana)

The Mana Tree appears throughout the Mana series, but I’m going to go out on a limb (DERP) and assume you’re all more familiar with Secret of Mana than any other. In that, the Mana Tree acts as the heart of the world, and when a power-hungry empire destroys said tree in a display of might, the creatures of the world unite to end everything.
In Soviet Potos, tree nukes you

In our real world terms, it’s basically like if all the world’s oil came from some nice, benevolent pile of dinosaur bones, and instead of living happily with what it provided, we built a giant cannon and blew it to hell. Which triggers every animal in the world to revolt and killify us – unless three underage kids could save the day???

Oh yes, the tree. It’s lovely. It doesn’t necessarily do much, but it’s damn important and it’s among the biggest in all of games, so there.

42 thoughts on “The 10 best video game trees

  1. when I read “mana tree” i thought “symphonia’s tree was better” and then I saw it as No.3 😀

  2. Finally. The whole time I was reading I was hoping for the Iifa tree. That tree was cool as shit. Because reasons.

  3. The only memorable video game tree I can think of off the top of my head are those ones in the first level of Actraiser that look so angry while shuffling you back and forth.

  4. This might be the most anticipated top list ever written! As time goes on i am starting to see that everything that i loved about gamesradar is slowly being removed and it seems like chris is pulling it out of the dumpster gamesrader left it in and transplanting it into the heart of lasertime.

  5. In my mind there are only a few articles i like more than this, one being your vast history on cases and the other cartridge colours. I think it would be awesome if you wrote a weekly article, it doesn’t even have to be a list. Just please do another without teasing it years in advance.

  6. Nice article! Or is that “Arhticle?” Anyway, I am looking over the box art article over at and I remember when I first read it. I loved it then and I love it now. Box art has always fascinated me and if I wasn’t a stupid kid who destroyed all my box art using it for my game cases, I probably would still have it now lol.

  7. Why the hell weren’t the mario 64 trees in here you could climb them! So that obviously means they are the best can you climb the deku tree; no you can’t.

  8. When I saw this sitting on the Laser Time front page (after downloading a podcast of the same name), my first thought was, ‘Wow, it’s finally been written. …Welp, better read it then!’

    1. (Could you kindly change my post to this screen name? Wasn’t paying attention and put down my actual name instead of trying to be funny)

      1. When I saw this article sitting on the Laser TIme homepage (after downloading a podcast of the same name) my first thought was ‘Wow, it’s finally been written. …Welp, guess I’d better read it!’.

  9. This caused a chain reaction of thoughts first wow this article mentioned about 2 years ago came into existence, then wow it was from the goodbye Tdar episode of laser time and finally would be awesome if you guys dug up the responses to Tdar and read them. Also good article kinda miss these top articles from back in the day.

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