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  1. 200 episodes?!!?!?? Fuck I’m using this as an excuse to post an altered version of my 200th episode fan art for that other show that’s definitely on hold and not dead in anyway. whatsoever.

  2. Dan Amrich: FUCK YEAH!

    Top 10 Trees: FUCK YEAH!!

    Mass Effect Discussion: Ehhhhh, fine, I’ll deal with it.

  3. Wow 2 hours., a top 7 and Dan being there. It’s almost like this is counting for the 200th tdar we never got.

  4. This is great guys, thanks a lot 🙂 I definitely missed Dan, and this episode seems to have a very talkradar feel to it.

  5. Serious question to anyone that has listened to it, is it 2 hours of Dan ironically mispronouncing “journalist/journalism”, joking about being paid off for reviews and the gang shitting on people that didn’t like ME3 and dumping them in them with the “we want a new ending” crowd? I love Lasertime because it’s usually detached from that type of stuff :(.

    1. No, it is pretty fantastic. Dan is only on for one (awesome) segment and the Mass Effect talk is mainly spoiler/ ending disscussion free.

  6. I know no one will probably see this comment, and since Talkradar is on hiatus I couldn’t post it there (the 200 title made me think of TR)

    But I juts wan’t to say how HELPFUL you guys have been to me, the whole Tdar gang/PC Gaming staff. I have a slight extrovert condition where I really just need to hear people talking, and as an Illustrator I spend countless hours sitting in the same spot working on something for days on end. And I am without a doubt the most productive when I’m either listing to this, TalkRadar or PC Gamer podcast.

    So thanks again for all the comedic and stress relief you guys have given me!

  7. I had finally given up and unsubscribed to Talkradar this morning and then downloaded this to find a reunion… Man, I almost teared up.

    This combination of hosts is pure magic.

  8. Everyone’s saying they miss Dan. Am I the only one that listens to the One of Swords podcast!!

    Also, is tdar dead? Tell me so I can stop sighing on Fridays.

  9. waaaaaaaah! it’s not the original cast without SHANE!

    but still… it’s good to hear all you guys together again.
    I was really starting to miss Mikel.

    OMAHGAWD! dan mentioned FLUX magazine
    I just found an old copy of that at my moms house shoved away in a box hahahaa!

    really good mass effect talk.
    more game talk, and top 10s on lasertime plz

  10. This is the best cast that has ever been podded. Please don’t let this be the last of the format who shall not be named.

  11. Still waiting for Paul Ryan, and sadly can’t listen till later this week due to the uni, but damn am i looking forward to it.

    P.S. at least try and get paul to write for the site

    P.P.S how bout that amazon.ca link so i can start giving you my money, i have 8 more issues of sandman to buy and bond 50!

  12. So yeah, if TalkRadar never comes back from hiatus, I have no problem with Laser Time just BEING “TalkRader that’s not just video games”.

    I’ve been jonesing for a top 7 for weeks now.

    1. I know, right? I didn’t realize how much I missed listening to the guys talk about the “top number” lists until it stopped happening.

  13. Damn, great episode. Made me slightly nostalgic for the old talkradars, I didnt even realize how long its been since an episode with original four hosts, that needs to happen more often.

  14. Getting ready for my morning walk and I check the site and I see a new LT. Can’t wait to hear episode 26 …. I mean episode 200!

  15. I clapped and whooped when Bret said “When I worked at Toys R Us.” Is my life sad and pathetic?

  16. Great show, you should all do this “format” here from now on (wishful thinking I know)!

    Trees, eh… let’s see how old and obscure I can go… Crystal Castles had some badass walking trees as maze monsters. The evil boss in the NES Strider was actually a demon tree thing called Yugdesiral. In Synapse’s Necromancer computer game, you had to plant and protect trees from orcs and spiders in one screen, and in the next screen you make them walk into a spider lair to crush their nests. In Activision Skiing I ran into a lot of trees. Yeah that’s about it.

  17. Awesome, awesome episode.
    In regards to the ME discussion and bear with me: Arrival seems to be a skippable DLC because it was so short and you don’t take your squad mates with you. The thing about Arrival is that it was very different to what we’ve seen before and being just Sheppard supports how fragile and vulnerable you feel about the whole situation. It rates low on the scale because the DLC is compared to the wonderfully good Liar of the Shadow Broker however they really can’t be compared as they’re apples and oranges.

    Hackett was the general who talked to you in ME1 and we don’t see him until Arrival, (as Chris said). When I finally saw Hackett, I was very happy to finally be able to see the guy face to face to the voice I’d heard throughout the first game (plus its Lance Henriksen).

    Play ME1 (was one of my favorites at the time/blow me I enjoyed exploring as well) obviously play ME2 (became my favorite overshadowing ME1 even though the story was not as strong as the first (which is understandable with any medium that follows an origin story), combat and pacing improved) and play ME3 even though the ending situation – the other 96% is exceptionally powerful and good.

    ME fan signing off.

      1. It is actually “bear” because you’re asking us to tolerate something with you, not get buck-ass naked with you that “bare” implies.

  18. Damn, this sounds like classic tdar. You know, before you guys got new jobs and became depressed.

  19. Love this episode, if Tdar got the ax, i would love 2 see more lasertimes like this, Hell i don’t think i would be the only one who would be excited 4 a whole new podcast about games from Lasertime studios!

  20. I’ve been missing Palette Swap Ninja on Talkradar (or I was, until they stopped making Talkraiders), so hearing him again was terrific. I have their whole first album downloaded and all, but I like hearing it in the context of the podcast. That’s why I go back and listen to 80 every now and then.

    As a spiritual successor to Talkradar 198, I wholeheartedly applaud the effort. Lasertime is its own beast, but I sure love me some Talkadar.

    And how about that Top 10 Trees! Years in the making!

  21. so is talkradar dead? stoked for me3 talk, and i love laser time, but i love the crew talking about video games best.

  22. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I personally loved this cast. It was a proper send off. A proper tribute. I can now move onward from TDar and enjoy these casts much more.

    Be well, guys.

  23. This episode really reminded me how much I enjoy the Laser Time format. I loved TalkRadar but it’s good to see everyone back for one final farewell to an excellent show. Saying that, I still much prefer Laser Time and look forward to many new Laser Time Productions Inc entertainment products.

    However could you guys consider changing the “the following has been a Laser Time production” label at the end of the podcast? It doesn’t make any sense. It should either be at the start of the podcast and say that “the following is a Laser Time production” or at the end saying “This has been a Laser Time production”. Just a little niggle and I’m not sure if it’s on purpose or whatever

  24. So what’s this new podcast going to be called? Chat radar? Talk radio wave deflection detection? Just suggestions. Awesome episode by the way, I send bam ramdick my regards.

  25. Two things:

    1. Usually I wouldn’t complain about this, but since it happened more than a few times: the editing on the second segment was just horrid. I know you guys had tech issues with Skype and all, but the flow of the conversation kept breaking when I realized the disconnect. Not THAT big a deal though, I suppose. As long as I’m getting my Laser Time.

    2. I never had Mordin sing to me in my ME2 playthrough and he survived. Just saying.

    1. 1. Yes, Skype issues. It’s why we bought equipment and dont normally do the show that way.

      2. It was just speculation

      You know what, you really are a reasonable fanboy!

  26. Let me preface this diatribe by saying this: I love everything you guys have ever done, and have listened to it all (most of it more than once).
    But would it kill you to make just two more episodes of TalkRadar and not leave your fans hanging? I might be being premature, you guys could have something in the works. But consider this my humble appeal for a Talkradar 200: the place where it all began, and a ‘cast that I have an embarrassing sentimental attachment too.

  27. Just wanted to say that this was the perfect way to say goodbye to the TDAR format. It felt like listening to a new episode of talkradar. I couldn’t have asked for a better show. Thanks guys!

  28. I love that remix of helix nebula, a very fitting end to this “format.”
    Great job.

    Regarding losing listeners, that’s a shock. You guys make very entertaining shows and they are very much appreciated, please keep up the good work.

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