25 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #5 – Yukon Ho

  1. I’m not much of a fan of super hero comics, so I’ve ignored Cape Crisis until now, but this is certainly an episode I’ll listen to. I love both Calvin and Hobbes and Walking Dead.

  2. i love Calvin and Hobbes, specifically when hes pissing on things, didn’t even know they made a comic based on him!!

    but yea actually very excited, got tons of the collection books from the library back in the day and own the snow man collection. also looking forward to a healthy does of hEnereyG

  3. I think a big part of why I love Adventure Time is because it reminds me so much of Calvin and Hobbes, only with more literal adventures. The soul of both is the buddy story.

  4. Why has there been no talk of Locke and Key on this show yet!? It is quite possibly the best written comic out there right now.

  5. I didn’t even know that this podcast existed – huzzah! I’ll be downloading them all, starting with ep 1: Amazing Fantasy. That title bodes well (note my username).

    Oh, I also own every C&H in the form of trade paperback! Awesome podcast is awesome!

  6. Aw man, I’m pumped for some Calvin and Hobbes discussion.

    I still have all of the books in paperback, and they still get read monthly.

  7. good episode.
    is marvel trying to use the term augmented reality, to get around the negative connotation baggage that comes with the label motion comic? i think so.

    also… Henry,
    it’s just Smars. short for Solomon Mars. my name.
    but thanks for reading my comment about shirow drawing greasy bewbs.

    and Tyler, I can draw. I have drawn nekkid wemenz before, and it got old pretty fast.
    i would rather make stories.

    my problem with print is, it’s lost its sacredness, the special thing that makes print so wonderful. because everybody and their grandma can print a book, it just sucks the life out of it. but with people shifting to publishing digitally, print will become a rarer thing that people will reserve for special, more personal purchases.

  8. It’s not that FCBD is scheduled around the release of the big comic book movie. FCBD has a set day, first Saturday in May. The movies are scheduled around then, if indeed there is some sort of cross-dealing there(though I get why that would be).

  9. Ah man I love Calvin and Hobbes nothing beats coming home from a crap week of work and not only is there a new Cape Crisis but it has Calvin and Hobbes on the podcast. Love the podcast guys keep up the great work.

  10. Listening to all the podcasts by these guys I tend not to notice the basic premise of the shows so much, whether it’s a comic book show or general crap or whatever, they all seem to blend into a bunch of guys I like to hear chatting talking about this and that. Calvin and Hobbes is something I wouldn’t think of coming up in a comic book show, but having it come up in a show by these guys obviously makes sense.

  11. Please stop with the whole twitter name malarky, it got old and annoying extremely fast and kinda spoils the beginning of the shows since I’m waiting for that stupid moment to pass.

    Otherwise, love what you guys are doing, the shows are great, long live Laser Time/Cape Crisis/VGMpire. Not really a comic book fan/reader but I find them fascinating and love listening/finding out more about them.

  12. I’m gonna socially-engineer my way into your twitter account, Henry, just to change the name and make you


  13. Strips were strangely enough my introduction to comics. My dad had a Calvin and Hobbes book I’ve read a million times over the years. That along with my grandpa having two newspaper subscriptions which always gave me stuff to read on Sundays when I would visit. The school library had Garfield and numerous friends let me borrow HeathCliff, Far Side, and eventually in high school Doonesbury. Though my local newspaper doesn’t carry it Lio is a recent one which is amazing. Good episode

  14. I haven’t listened yet, but I have only one thing to say. I grew up in the Yukon, and every time I see a reference to it, I get a fuzzy feeling inside. Thank you, laser time. Thank you.

  15. Another great episode! I never realized how much I knew about Calvin and Hobbes :/. About Print vs. Digital, I like collecting major story arcs in Print format, and reading lesser single-issues in Digital format. I just don’t like how reading Digital Comics makes you feel like you don’t even own the issue, and are just “renting” it from the internet or something.

  16. Great episode Hank! I absolutely LOVE Calvin & Hobbes. I own every single book and have read them all countless times. Thank you so much for talking about this. Could of used a little more in depth talk about Calvin & Hobbes though, like what you guys think of Calvinball, G.R.O.S.S., or the babysitter. Great episode nonetheless, I’m loving Cape Crisis and I love that you decided to make it weekly.

  17. Really enjoyed this episode. I liked your discussion on print vs digital. I agreed with your comments about how the nature of using device like an iPad is to do things quickly so you don’t really savour or take your time while reading.

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