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    I just love Chris’s Macho Man impersonation!

    Weird that nobody mentioned the Undertaker!

    1. Just dandy!
      My first comment and I actually managed to misspell my name!

      What a great fucking start! >_<


    This is one of the episodes I’ve wanted since the beginning of this show.

  3. I always thought he looked like a huge brown Rob Schneider, and to this day thought I was the only one who saw it

  4. My room mate usually hates it when I play non-Kevin Smith podcasts in the living room, but this time we were both reminiscing about when we watched wrestling. He didn’t complain once!

    Good job, guys!

  5. I listen to other people’s takes on wrestling every week; I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of wrasslin.

  6. Just got home for work. Your Lasertiming couldn’t have been better! Bonesaw is read-dy!

  7. I have never been interested in wrestling in the slightest, but I laughed my ass off throughout this entire episode. Excellent work, guys. Most excellent.

  8. I’ve always been interested in wrestling, in the same way I’m interested in seeing the upcoming “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” I used to play some old wrestling games, and I really liked it back in the day. I think I may go back and watch some Wrestlemania DVDs or something!

  9. if the 4 way tag tlc match from smackdown between the dudleyz, hardyz, e&c, and benoit&jericho isn’t mentioned in this episode i will die

  10. Great episode, I had to go hide in the corner at work a couple of times to not look like an idiot laughing to myself. Good length too!

  11. Great episodes guys. Thank you so much. I was a fan of wrestling when I was in highschool, during the Attitude Era. I would of loved if you talked more about that era and about DX, the Corporation, the Ministry, etc. Loved the show though, keep up the great work!

  12. I’m gonna watch some WrestleMania with friends. Haven’t been into it since around 2002. Podcast helped me get re-antiquated with it. Thanks!

  13. As somsone who doesnt give a fuck about wrestling, this episode dragged on. It’s not nearly funny enough for a non-wrestling fan asside from the obvious machoman soundboard fodder.

    1. Noted. I was worried about that too, but it was worth a shot! I’m not much for wrasslin either, but I honestly do consider the larger than life characters from my youth to be something like low rent superheroes. Wrestlers are kind of the only athletes I’ll ever want to talk about.

      1. Hey, I also can’t give a shit about wrasslin, but I thought this episode was great. It was cool to just hear you guys talk about your history with it.

  14. Even as someone who’s not a fan of wrestling as an adult, I loved this episode. The most important thing to note, though, is that Henry totally misspelled his twitter handle. He said “HERENEYG” I can’t believe nobody caught it at the time given how much shit they usually give him for it.

  15. Really glad to make my Laserboys Podshow debut with this episode. ’twas a little nervous at the outset, hence the many utterances of “um” and “like.” Hope to be a bit less like that in (hopeful) future episodes.

    Oh wait, Antista just told me I’ve been “future endeavored.”

    -Dave Rudden

    1. I was happy to hear a new guy on the show, and despite my non-interest in watching wrestling you guys managed to make it a fun show. Look forward to more appearances from you.

  16. Ah! Great podcast.

    I owned the Wrestling Album and I’m embarrassed to admit it, but as soon as you guys started playing the Jimmy Hart song, I instantly remembered all the lyrics and started singing along.

    Be sure to check out Deadspin’s occasional feature,

  17. I never saw WWE. I feel like a lot were missed from the old days, though. No one picked “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka! The Midnight Rockers! The Road Warriors! “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan! Baron von Raschke(to be fair, I know he was in WWWF and the old NWA, but I don’t know that he made the successors)! Anyway, another great show guys! Thanks!

  18. My inner mark is cheering. I loved wrestling so much growing up where I had pretty much a schedule that let me watch a different federation every day. ECW was on TNN for a time which was even more bizarre than WWE on Syfy now.
    Glad many of my favorites got named especially Goldust who doesn’t get enough credit these days for kicking off the attitude era. If I had to pick one who was more of a personal fave I would have to go with Al Snow. While his in ring work was so-so he had such a lovable personality and almost always had entertaining shoots. The time he was tag teaming with Steve Blackman for the famous “Head Cheese” was hilarious.
    Funny side story I went to Junior high one Halloween as Al Snow. Had the manikin head, writing of the forehead the whole nine yards. The cafeteria lunch lady looked me up and down and said “Oh I get it, You’re a headhunter”

  19. Back at the time in the 80s when wrestlers were appearing in Cyndi Lauper videos in the state of Washington they actually had to change a law so that they could hold a WWE event in the Tacoma Dome.
    Wrestling matches were regulated under the same commision as professional boxing in the state which made sure that all matches were legit. The state moved WWE style wrestling matches out from under this commision to have the same status as a Globletrotters baskeball game. This really broke the illusion for me and was at a time when all of the wrestlers contended that the matches were not scripted or had outcomes planned in advanced.

  20. I liked this one even if I have no real interest in wrestling, also if nothing else it inspired me to turn on They Live at my job so something good came of it.

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