Let’s play together in FrontTowards Gamer 27-Hour Gaming Marathon!

Help us shoot shit and support the troops! Head here for more info…

In honor of our buddies over at FrontTowardsGamer.com landing a coveted spot on the Xbox Live Dashboard tonight, I encourage you to do your damnedest to hop the hell into their 27-Hour Gaming Marathon! I’ll be jumping in periodically on PC and Xbox throughout the day. BUTWAITTHEREZMORE: They’ll also raffling off prizes during the event in exchange for a $3 donation to their Operation Supply Drop charity that gets games to troops serving overseas. Head here to see the game schedule, and here chip in a couple bucks to a good cause. So it’s simple: Win Shit – Have Fun!

I’m going to try and jump in on Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, and some Left3Dead (I know it’s misspelled, but I’d hate to ruin a good Tt3m3!) And if I can wake my ass up, you know damn well I’ll get down on some Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit multiplayer.

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