53 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Best Unaired TV Pilots

  1. Awwww yisssss.

    Throughout this episode you mention how you think it’s one of the worstest, but I loved every minute.

    First things I thought of when I saw the title were Heat Vision and Jack and Lookwell and listening through confirmed how awesome I found them first time round. Need to dig them out again!

    Gonna check out the others as well. Been on a huge Bob Odenkirk kick recently, so huzzah!

  2. I haven’t started listening, but hopefully you included Locke and Key, if so where can I see it?!?!? thanks!


  3. That was the best episode! This idea is so Laser Time, it didn’t feel like an extended tangent of Talkradar, it felt like it’s own goddamn show!
    I’ve watched Heatvision and Lockwell, but oh my god Dog Police sounds hilarious. I might actually not watch Dog Police cos I think hearing random soundbites might be funnier than watching a whole episode.

    Anyway this episode was hilarious and cool.

    1. Wow, thank you so much for saying so! I didn’t have much faith in the episode, and I even edited out the guys giving me shit for bringing up such a stupid topic. SHOWS WHAT THE FUCK THEY KNOW!

    2. I completely agree! I was listening to it at work and laughing my ass off nonstop out loud. Pretty sure my co-workers were doubting my sanity. Anyway, definitely best episode yet! Thank you, and for the love of everything keep it up!

    1. “Dog Police was inspired by a music video by the band of the same name. It won MTV’s Basement Tapes in the early to mid 80s. The video is insane and actually has better make-up even though it’s probably 10 yrs earlier with a tiny budget!

  4. great episode… again… Elston’s hate on BSG makes me curious how it holds up, I loved the entire series when it aired, so I am scared to rewatch it now and risk liking it less if it doesn’t hold up

  5. I’m assuming that the mention of Conan O’Brien is in reference to Lookwell, one of the most bizarre shows I’ve ever seen. And that was just the pilot…

  6. I just found Heat Vision & Jack on a certain torrent/magnet site, and it might just be the greatest thing i’ve ever seen

  7. You guys are being too down on yourselves, this episode was pretty great.

    I will say, for an infinitely better realization of the whole “magic in the real world” concept, watch The Dresden Files. It’s a travesty that this series never got a second season, because it was excellent.

    1. Oh god, please don’t watch this travesty of a TV show. While yes, the concept is cool, it’s based on the series of Dresden files novels. These novels are INFINITELY better than this abortion of a TV show. It’s not even close. Here’s a brief and funny read on the Dresden Files novels, though beware, spoilers abound.


  8. Such a weird topic for an episode, but now I HAVE to listen. Oh and cartoon network has started showing cartoon cartoon shows. Do an episode about Hannah Barbara cartoons! Please Chris! Feed my nerdy nostalgia!

  9. What a wonderful episode. I sincerely enjoyed this. Don’t beat yourself up Chris. Also I’d like to say that thanks to Henry’s repetition of his twitter name I now have it memorized. Thanks a lot Henry.

  10. Fucking fantastic episode. I’m gonna make it my business to find a clean copy of the ‘Dog Police’ theme song and make it my ringtone. Also, we haven’t had a good suicide derail in quite a while. Well done, as usual, gentlemen.

  11. Hilarious episode you guys are the best. The dog police segment had me… howling… with laughter.

  12. Chris, don’t worry, no episode will be as bad Simpsons Sing the Blehs… Kidding, but seriously, this was a great episode!

  13. I know this doesn’t really count as an “unaired” trailer, but I honestly have to recommend the pilot of Sci Fi’ s “Amazing Screw on Head” cartoon to anyone who hasn’t already seen it. It’s a damn travesty that it was made into a series.

  14. ho-lee shit that suicide tangent was so effin funny!
    more tangents! MOAR TANGENTS!

    were mah links antista?! i need to see these pilots
    I can’t find some of these.

    you guys tore that magic cop show apart in such a wonderful way.
    thank gawd that show and all its broken parts didn’t make it to tv. XD

  15. I want to thank the Lazertime Studios for these Podcasts I so enjoy. I even see Chriss on Steam right now, but chickened out in sending a message of thanks directly

  16. I used to hate Adam Sandler for making millions off of shitty movies, but now that I know he actually had to get up in the morning and go on the set of Dog Police, he deserves Jack and Jill 2

  17. Funny shit! I really want to see Lookwell!!

    I suspect Dog Police was an attempt to copy the vibe of the Ninja Turtles movies.

    One more observation… Magicstar Galacticops.

  18. Loved this episode, great idea Chris. btw you were thinking of the Trio (channel) which used to run Brilliant But Cancelled

  19. Easily one of your best episodes! Find me another podcast that would voluntarily play the “Dog Police” theme song. Excellent work, guys.

  20. Classic show loved every second. What if science hadn’t been invented? The wheel is fucking science idiot!

  21. Next to “THAT’S RACIST!!” and “All About Dinosaurs”, this is one of my new favorite episodes. I’ve listened to it three times at least now. Keep it up!

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