39 thoughts on “Laser Time – Live from PAX East!

  1. Sometimes I get busy doing live things such as being dangerously ill and miss two episodes and a livestream of LaserTime, but I am back now to complain about internet things and demand more nonsense that I feel entitled to!

    1. This is true! I’d also like to thank Bats for that episode image used up there. That’s 100% Kandiko!

  2. I was honestly moved when Helix Nebula closed out the show. I love Lasertime, but I miss my TDAR!!

  3. This was pretty amazing, I’m going to try to make it to PAX Prime. Also, the ending music was very appreciated 🙂

  4. Good Lord that was such a great time. Thanks so much for doing this. It was awesome getting to meet everyone.

  5. I’m in this! (I called out Hank.)

    I’m glad this came out so clean, being there, I really thought the background noise was going to drown out the podcastin’. Thankfully that was not the case. It was really fun though, and I met some pretty cool tdards- sadly I don’t remember anyone’s names. Other than Turbo, thanks for giving out some awesomely bad games!

  6. I cannot wait to listen to this. I had THE BEST time that night! The PAX East 2011 TDar was what convinced me to come this year and Laser Time did not let me down. The show was a ton of fun and the bar afterward was awesome too. Thanks so much to Chris and Brett for hanging out with all of us and making us all part of the best podcast on the internets. I made a bunch of new friends and had a killer time all around. PAX East was incredible. Laser Time made it better.

  7. While I cant say that this is the next best thing to being there it still warms my heart. Glad to see the lasertime community is growing and active.

    1. As would I Pulpsock, not having much luck finding it through Mr. Google. The brief snippet sounded fantastic and so damn nostalgic of the TDAR days…

  8. Fuck, I forgot the products on the right don’t open up a new window, dammit where was I!? Also I was looking at Metal Gear HD. 😛

  9. Fucking hilarious. I wish I could’ve been there. Damn you, Job And Lack Of Money, for preventing me from going to PAX!

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