36 thoughts on “Laser Time – Facts about Laser

  1. I don’t need a watch any more because the only time that matters is Laser Time. Pls, more Jazz/TW Jazz voice.

  2. Laser Time origin story, in which the cast strives for revenge against the radioactive laser that both killed their parents and bit them, giving them magical laser powers.
    I’m looking forward to “scarlet Henry Gilbert” storyline. featuring a Ben Riley-esque Henry with a twitter name that’s just @henryg…the humanity!

  3. You know, I usually hear that Tears For Fears song in the background hum of a grocery store…but now that I heard it through headphones, I must say, that song is kinda badass.. Thanks Chris, for enlightening me through Laser Time

  4. Every time I think that Laser Time can’t get any better, it melts my face off. I love Lasers and I love this episode. You guys gang banged my eardrums and left me wanting more. Thank you.

  5. So what is this possible new show on the Laser Time Network? Is Mikel Reparez going to get his own show? The Bearded Historian maybe? Beardcore History? I must know! Very excited regardless.

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