20 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #9 – Beware the Batman

  1. The Green Lantern and John Carter movies for me are the Flash Gordon of this generation- stupid but gloriously so. The hate for both movies was waaay too over the top.

    1. Green Lantern was a new kind of terrible for me in terms of filmmaking, but especially the storytelling. Outside of the Ryan Reynolds schtick, the movie somehow took itself seriously and was so by the numbers. Horrible storytelling.

  2. Sometimes I think I read too much Batman…then I realize how silly that thought process. Killing Joke FTW!

  3. I know this is such a long shot but Maus directed by Steven Spielberg. Given his obvious love of WW2 I would be giddy as a school girl to see him capture that same atmosphere in an animated medium.

  4. The CG trailer and plot synopsis for Beware the Batman really turned me off. Looking forward to listening to your opinions

    1. Haha, same here! Although all the comic talk did get me to start picking up the Sandman collections, which is something I’ve been meaning to read for a while.

  5. Came here because you got a mention in playstation:the official magazine. And I like what I hear. You actually talk about things I like.

  6. Chris, you’ve talked about Hush not answering things twice now – read Heart of Hush by the great Paul Dini. It justifies everything and the one that turns Hush into a decent villain. Oh, and explains what’s going on with his appearance in Arkham City…

  7. Great episode Hank! I love how you called out Chris for specifically mentioning child rape the last couple episodes.

  8. Also, Chris – are you still working for PC Gamer? You dropped a slight hint at the beginning of the podcast about how you don’t know what is going on there. Hope all is well.

  9. Just picked up gotham central book one and I love it. Thanks Henry for the awesome recomendation. Not sure where to post but my first comic book store was comic dungeon in riverside ca. It was underneath a hispanic Quinceañera dance hall and the stairs always had bums sleeping on them so you had to walk around them. But inside it had walls of comics and a 4 player xmen arcade machine. My earliest memories (1990)of comics are Batman shadow of the bat last arkham and the music of Pepe aguliar.

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