7 thoughts on “VGMpire Episode 19 – Battletoad Beats

  1. GREAT episode Brett. I haven’t commented on any VGMpire episodes before because I just recently finished catching up on all the episodes. I love the show and want you to keep up the great work!

    When I was a kid, I played Battletoads all the time with my older brother. We NEVER made it past the turbo jump stage. It was soo hard and infuriatingly frustrating. However, we grew to love the first two stages. The music is incredible and the gameplay is amazing. I remember when we first realized that the boss at the end of stage 1 was in first person from the view of the enemy, we were so blown away. We didn’t know what to do at first but we eventually figured out that we had to throw the boulders at the screen! Amazing. The decent down the second stage was equally incredible as well. That stage had “friendly-fire” where you could hit and harm you co-op partner, so my brother and I would always plan on who would be near the bottom and who would be near the top. I loved killing the birds to get their beaks to use as swords! We both always wished we could see what the rest of the game was past the turbo jumping stage but we seriously could NEVER get passed it no matter how hard we tried. It was interesting in this episode hearing the music from the parts of the game we never got to experience. It was cool hearing music from the Super Nintendo Battletoads game, as well as the bizarre mash-up that was Double Dragon vs. Battletoads.

    Again, I have loved every single episode you have put out and I can’t wait more! Thanks!

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