9 thoughts on “Ask Ax Battler! Comic 4

  1. Thee hast regaled us with thine wisdom yet again oh Mighty Ax Battler……..( I love this place you hath made for us Chris.)

  2. In response to your response oh mighty Axe Battler;

    Distacted by your god like body? Yes.
    Intimidated? Probably.
    If I walk into you and you get damaged or die? Priceless.

    You may be sexy and know it, but that loincloth and/or speedo sure doesn’t protect you from getting hurt simply by bumping into your enemy. ;D

  3. I just don’t find this funny or entertaining. Seriously, this is not the best addition to Lasertime. The name Ask Ax Battler is horrifically bad and the content just isn’t fun to read.

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