36 thoughts on “Laser Time – The Best of Summer

  1. Wandafal. But it was funny to hear you guys moaning about getting a film late when the UK has had to wait for all kinds of shit for years.

    1. Yeah, agreed. Chris, when does Brave come out? June 22nd? The UK release is AUGUST 21st! TWO F***ING MONTHS and you’re complaining about a FEW DAYS!

  2. Having watch the Avengers in the UK already, you’re comments and predictions were 50% correct in regards to potential scenes and villains.

  3. I hear you on our age range (28-32?) being unrelatable in our nostalgic pop-culture knowledge of old meets new. I too also grew up watching old Nickelodeon, old shows on HBO like Dream On and Tales From the Crypt and having to either wait a 2 years for a movie to come out on affordable VHS, or buy it from Suncoast for $80.

    Glad Lasertime is here to let me know I wasn’t the only one.

  4. I just wanted to say thank you for continuing to do these podcasts! Don’t give up. You guys are fucking awesome and it’s the highlight of my week — every week!

  5. Alright, finished listening to the podcast.

    A few things:

    -The chant of the TKDR trailers is “MATALO MATALO BANE! BANE!” which is Spanish for “Kill him, kill him, Bane! Bane!” Fitting, considering the character is a Latino, and makes me think the movie will acknowledge that in some form.

    -It amuses me that you guys complain about getting a few movies a week later than the UK, and Mexico,, and the rest of the world, when otherwise, everyone else lives in the shadow of your releases and we get most things fucking later than you guys. So for once allow me to laugh and gloat about the fact that I’ve gotten to watch the Avengers TWICE before you guys can even touch it *smug*

    Lastly, this isn’t really related to the podcast, but i wanted to bring attention to these two videos, which are pretty damn well done, and tie in lightly with the marvel movie universe, both starring Agent Coulson:

    (Warning, first one is mildly spoiler-y if you haven’t watched The Incredible Hulk.)



  6. Whoa! there’s a Total Recall remake? I hope there’s more eyeballs bursting on Mars!

  7. Great episode, guys. Avengers is definitely my #1. I may feel like hell at work on Friday, but I’m going to the midnight premier. That movie is like some nerd found a magic lamp and wished for the most impossible movie imaginable.

    Also, as a 23-year-old, my nostalgia seems to line up far more with you guys’ age group than people even a few years younger than me. Probably comes from having much-older cousins that introduced me to stuff like MST3K and whatnot when I was young. And, I just want to say: go watch Avatar the Last Airbender. It’s honestly a really good show, and I’m not saying that out of nostalgia, because I saw it for the first time when I was 20.

  8. This is the first Laser Time I listen to since a few weeks back when I got half way through the Simpsons music episode and decided that I was not enjoying myself at all. That picture of the Avengers lured me back in.

  9. Okay, Brett, Hank… will you stop complaining about the looks of villains not being EXACTLY like the comic? And thank you Mikel for being the voice of sanity in the Catwoman hair discussion – Catwoman’s had her hair out many, many times and her costume has been redesigned every other month. Next you’ll be complaining about Bane not looking like a Mexican wrestler.

    And yes, a quick image search of Bane will clearly show that in the comics his mouth is covered by his mask. It’s only open in animated versions of the character (including the Arkham games).

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