19 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #11 – Pre-Assembly

  1. Hands down my favorite Avenger is Iron Man. Tony Stark rules as a character and Iron Man’s a badass.

  2. Obviously my favourite Avenger would be Two-Gun Kid. He has TWO guns, AND he’s an expert of hand to hand combat.

  3. You Americans shouldn’t worry about spoilers for this movie, it plays it so safe there are really no twists to spoil.

  4. HEY! HENRY!
    why are you speaking negatively about deviant art?
    are you aware that so many artist in the professional comics and animation communities have dA pages and regularly post there?!
    it’s not all fanart!
    it’s a great social network for artists. pro and amature alike.
    it’s actually how a lot of guys got discovered and got professional jobs in the industry.
    c’mon maaaan.

  5. I don’t wanna start anything but listening to you guys complaining about us god damn foreigners getting Avengers first makes you sound like the stereeotypic “Ammericahns.”

    1. Again? I think “spoilt Americans” is the correct term. ONE FUCKING WEEK guys. We have to wait TWO MONTHS for every Pixar movie, for no reason at all. The Muppets came out THREE MONTHS after the US, for even less reason.

  6. I thought it was rather funny how I last week almost literally ran to the my local theater in the early afternoon of the day The Avengers premiered with a (digital) ticket that I had ordered in panic the night before cluthed in my trembling hands. This just in order to see it early and avoid spoilers. And when I got home later that evening happy (or at least would’ve been if it wasn’t for a stupid show I went to later that evening) as could be after watching probably the greatest super hero movie to this date it seemed like no one else on the entire godamn internet had seen it yet. I download and listen to this podcast and found out it didn’t premier in the US until a week later. So yeah, what about that.
    Great show, loving the podcast.

  7. Just so you know, that IGN Top 50 avengers list was based off of reader votes, which was why it was so lame.

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