Cape Crisis – E3 2012 Special

In the midst of E3 2012 madness, we recall comic booking game-based memories, our favorite superhero games, and more importantly, the MOST ACCURATE games based on comics!











Cape Crisis #15 Listener Question – What impossible media mash-up would you like to see in comics?

14 thoughts on “Cape Crisis – E3 2012 Special

      1. No, no. I believe ADOX was saying that Batman would use his cape to wipe is hiney hole if he ran out of TP, not his mask.

  1. Shouldn’t it be called “Not E3 Special?” I thought it was going to be a live show from E3, but I guess they’ll do that on Laser Time. I hope it doesn’t have so many fans running through lists of the same games that they thought looked good, like they have the last few years. Some more abstract chatter, like we get in this episode, and most others on this network, would make me happier.

  2. Why is it so hard to make decent superhero games? I mean, you have unique and awesome characters, with crazy powers, in modern-day settings. That should be the easiest thing in the world to convert to videogame form. *Sigh* Well, I guess Kinect “Oh, shit, we forgot to make an Avengers game” is gonna have to do for the time being.

  3. Thanks for the Irredeemable recommendation a few episodes back. The art is serviceable, but Mark Waid is a superb writer.

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