46 thoughts on “Laser Time – E3 Spectacular

  1. I knew that no matter what was announced, the worst part of E3 would be no TalkRadar special about it. E3 is saved.

  2. Sincere thanks to everyone for making this happen. Sorry the audio isn’t up to snuff, but a promise is a promise

  3. Nice, glad you guys found the time to get something up. I look forward to listening to it tomorrow.

  4. Awesome! I’m glad this was possible to be made! 😀 Looking forward to it! And thank you guys for making it happen!

  5. You forgot Bugs Bunny and Christopher Columbus split a bean in ‘Hare We Go’

    Great cast yet again guy!

    Question though, what are you doing now Chris, I know your still with future, but it seems you kinda like a DH these days.

    1. You sir, are amazing.

      I’m working on video stuff at Future. All kinds. Doing VO for GR’s video reviews, KOXM with Dave Rudden, and custom projects like the Best Buy E3 floor guide thing.

      Oh, and what the hell’s a DH?

  6. TaserLime! – What, I have dyslexia sometimes lol. In all seriousness though I would love to see a video made specifically asking for donations. “For only pennies a day you too, can sponsor a podcast. Look at these guys, they are practically starving… for your donations! Donate now! Bring money.”

  7. I know you guys are very busy with E3. I also know that sometimes you can get burried under negative comments, and/or work.
    Thank you Gentlemen of the Lazer. Thank you

  8. E3 without talkradar would have been a damn shame. Thank you guys for all you do for th fans. You really are the #1 podcast on the internet.

  9. Nobody else’s E3 wrap-up starts with discussion of ejaculating on Disney figurines, which is why this is the best E3 wrap-up.

  10. Great episode! You guys are at your best when Chris, Brett and Mikel are together. Going forward, Laser Time needs 100% more Wikiparaz.

  11. You know, something felt like it was missing from this year’s E3, something felt “off”.
    Now it’s whole again.

    I know everybody does this but could I suggest you guys talk about games more often? Maybe annually, like every five episodes or something? The occasional gaming focused Lasertime would be great.

  12. How aboout more pictures? The thing I miss most about talkradar is the more gamecentric topics (which I can make without) but where are the pictures “in the office” I wanna see you guys together =)

  13. This was the best Laser Time yet. Dunno why youcant have a “competingproduct” Its not like theres a Tdar anymore. And the Euro Trash Cast doesnt count =)

  14. Thanks for doing this episode. Awesome hearing you guys talk games again. I understand it’s complicated but I hope you can find a way to talk about games more often

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