UPDATE: YouTube keeps removing the trailer for some stupid reason, so I replaced it with a Community parody. Evidently Nokia has the exclusive? Fuck them for still existing!

The very last glimpse of Bruce and Bane before The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on Friday July 20th! Your thoughts?

Gonna save my words for this week’s episode of Cape Crisis. Let us know your thoughts in the¬†comments¬†below and be a part of the show! Here’s my take away:







11 thoughts on “Final THE DARK KNIGHT RISES trailer!

  1. It’s interesting to see all the cops run full force into Banes army. Evidently Batmans influence empowers all of Gotham to stand up and fight. In Dark Night a big deal is made about the city and its salvation, but outside of the ferryboats you don’t really see what the big deal is. It looks as though this movie is going to explore more about what Batman is actually fighting for.

  2. Umm, the video appears to be gone now… Perhaps Batman stole it and was caught in the act, thus leading to that picture?

  3. Still trying to stay away from the trailers, I know I want to watch it, yet today I succumbed. Woe is me…

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