Top Amazon releases for June 26th

Spideys and Batmen highlight this week’s new media releases. Come on in, take a look and maybe win yourself a $20 Amazon Gift Certificate!

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The Amazing Spider-Man  360  |  PS3
This looked to have potential, although I’ve had my fears confirmed by people I consider very trustworthy (Hank!) The interesting dilemma Activision and Beenox have put themselves in is that A) Spidey is now an annual franchise and B) it’s a licensed movie tie-in. So the equally interesting way they’ve chosen to deal with that is by setting the game after the film, which is weird, because the game hits before the movie, technically contains spoilers, and makes you fight a less compelling menagerie of villains. While Spidey’s overall web-slingin’ and movement look slicker than in years past, I’m told it doesn’t quite rise above movie tie-in status, nor anywhere close to 2008’s phenomenal Web of Shadows.

Christopher Nolan Director’s Collection (5 MOVIES!)
JESUS CHRIST! EVERYONE OF THESE MOVIES IS WORTH OWNING! Even if you own two out of the five fantastic Christopher Nolan films included in the set, the price is still good enough to warrant a pick it up. $29.99 for Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Inception, Momento, and Insomnia in HD for $29.99?!?!?! There is no deal more splendid anywhere out there this week. I know we all assumed we’d eventually pick up a Dark Knight trilogy, but since Nolan seems to have shied away from commentaries and special editions thus far, this is probably a purchase you don’t have to over think. If this set would’ve included The Prestige, I probably would’ve devoted the rest of the year to doing pro bono PR for it. Nolan’s one our generations greatest artistic treasures, and quite frankly, you’d be a fucking moron not to pick up this cheap  ass collection of masterpieces (give or take an Insomnia.)

21 Jump Street
Jesus, who the hell woulda thunk that Hollywood scraping the bottom of the TV adaptation barrel would’ve yielded something hailed as both funny and good!? I’ve yet to see it for myself, but the praise for it is pretty much unanimous from everybody I’ve heard from. Anyone in the comments see it?!

Spec Ops: The Line  360  |  PS3
I certainly hope people give this a shot, because according to people I’ve spoken to, this game lives up to the rather unorthodox expectations it presented itself with. (I was so blown away by a demo I took some months ago, you might’ve seen the lead protagonist slide underneath my highly embarrassing pull quote in the commercial.) While it may be difficult to get the world to care about yet another “modern warfare” game, let alone get people interested in a rebooted franchise few remember/care about, Spec Ops: The Line does one thing astonishingly well that I’ve never seen other games attempt: It makes you feel every kill you perform. This isn’t all “Hoo-Rah!” bromance, this is a small squad asked to take down their fellow American AWOL soldiers in a story loosely inspired by “Heart of Darkness” (Apocalypse Now!) It’s not so much a political statement, nor a way of questioning morality, but a thoroughly engrossing, uniquely refreshing approach to portraying what it must feel like for a modern day soldier to perform grand-scale atrocities in the name of duty. It’s incredibly uncomfortable and unflinching in its execution, as you watch your Delta squad mentally unravel (in a ridiculously cool Dubai setting) and the devs should certainly be commended for having the player experience an emotion other than accomplishment and adrenaline. I mean, in other words: DO RECOMMEND

The Artist
My God… I cannot wait to see this! Sure, its silent approach is a bit of a novelty – one that successfully paid off in Oscar gold! – but at least it’s a ridiculously ballsy one that you can bet your ass won’t be ripped off or recreated in a tiresome fashion. Everyone I’ve spoken to in regards to The Artist gets a little excited when heaping it with glowing praise, and that just makes me incredibly happy, especially because it’s something so original, old school, and downright celebratory. I didn’t get a chance to see this in theaters, but I’ve been waiting for what feels like centuries to pick up a Blu-ray copy. WILL GET!

Dead Island: Game of the Year  360  |  PS3
I know it’s hard to trust a guy who wrote and starred in a series of web shorts based on this title, but I can unbiasedly say I still had a ton of fun with Dead Island. The characters are idiotic, and the game is often hilariously flawed, but damned if I didn’t experience hours of dumb ass fun playing through this entire game in all of two or three sittings (several dozen hours at a time, mind you!) The fundamental gameplay of bludgeoning zombies and weapon customization is every bit as addictive as it is awesome and this low-priced $29 GOTY edition also includes 3 DLC packs at no extra charge, so I encourage those who haven’t played it to consider doing so. [FUN FACT: The money made from writing and producing the Dead Island: Secret Origins script after hours basically financed Laser Time into existence!]

Green Eggs and Ham
Strangely, I actually remember the Green Eggs and Ham jam a lot less vividly than the two other shorts included in this 1973 special. The Zax and The Sneetches were already standout stories of stubbornness and superiority, and they’re done ultra-fine animated service even by today’s standards. In fact, if you need to wonder why these shorts a far more accurate to Dr. Seuss’ message and vision than the horseshit you see in theaters these days, it’s immensely fucking important you know that the man himself coproduced the special and was heavily involved with the writing of every word. Even the new lyrics. WILL BUY!

Wrath of the Titans
I’ve actually been a bit bias in my aggressive indifference towards this one, but hey, I don’t need a PG-13 retelling of Greek violence when I’ve got God of War, baby! And just so you know, I’m not even one of those old farts pissed to see the classic Harryhausen Clash of the Titans remade (that movie was made before I was born, anyway 😛 ) No, I hate that this is a sequel to a movie critics and audiences seemed to universally dislike, yet saw in droves anyway? While I hear Wrath is a modest improvement, I still can’t stand that it’s a dumbass sequel to a dumbass movie everybody was warned against seeing in the first place. It’s a shitastic remake that never should’ve got a second chance and something about these movies existence reminds me of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World bombing at the box office, and that just gets me even angrier. Fuck you, America! (And please, shop through us.)

Mirror, Mirror
Oh, here’s that other Snow White movie… wait, was this the funny one, or the Labyrinth looking one? Joking, this is the sillier take on dwarfs and Snow, and judging by the performance of the more serious Snow White and The Huntsman, it proably defied expectations by being the lower performing of the two. Whatevs, after his performance in The Social Network, I’m honestly interested to see anything with that baking soda guy.

Record of Agarest War 2
“What the hell is this?!” you ask. No idea, really… although, I do recall Hank singing the praises of the original, calling it something of an unsung gem. Whatever, I don’t trust my memory anymore. People release stuff, we point it out – that’s the gig. So, whatever the hell this might be is also available in a Limited Otaku Collector’s Edition!

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38 thoughts on “Top Amazon releases for June 26th

  1. 21 Jump Street is hilarious. I went in with VERY low expectations, and it turned out to be super hilarious. I hate to use this comparison but, think seasons 3 – 8 Simpsons funny.

  2. 21 Jump Street is awesome. Also, I’m definitely picking up that Nolan blu-ray collection.

  3. Record of Agarest War shamelessly covered its marketing in sexually suggestive imagery, almost to the point of self parody.

    I guess Record of Agarest War 2 did not because I had no idea it existed.

    I feel kind of bad for them now, they took the high road this time and went completely unnoticed.

  4. 21 jump street was great, and to anyone who has yet to read Snyder’s Batman, it is the best that the new 52 has to offer

  5. I’ll agree with the others here, 21 Jump Street was actually a great comedy. I’d offer it as proof that skinny Jonah Hill can be funny.

  6. I want spec ops because from what I’ve heard it has an excellent story. I can forgive mediocre gameplay mechanics if the story is spectacular. The must have though is the Nolan collection. I want to run through the Batman movies before TDKR releases so I better hop on that.

  7. The Prestige is leagues better than Insomnia, however, Insomnia is still better than most movies.

  8. The Nolan Collection is amazing and would have been perfect if they included The Prestige and Following (Nolan’s first film).

    Also, The Artist is a great film and I guess I will check out 21 Jump Street due to the positive response.

    Plus, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was the best movie of 2010 (tied w/ Inception).

  9. Not gonna lie “set my mind on fire” seems to fit Spec Ops to a T. I really love how screwed up the whole situation in Dubia has become, I mean Dubia civilian resistance versuses the rogue army brigade versuses a single Delta squad. I really need to pick that game up.

  10. Sometimes ….people deserve to have their faith rewarded.
    Someday…….I will win something from this site.

  11. Alright just canceled my Persona 4 Arena and then bought it again through you guys hah

  12. That Nolan set is the must own of the week, unless of course you already own them all (guilty.) The Artist is also pretty great and Mirror Mirror is at least worth a watch, being a Tarsem fan I plan on eventually picking it up on sale.

  13. All that Chris Nolan collection needs to do is replace Insomnia with Prestige and I will scrounge up some cash and buy it

  14. Might just have to pick up The Artist. It looks pretty amazing. But I do still need to get the latest Walking Dead hardcover. Regardless, I always link through Laser Time.

  15. I saw that spec ops commercial a few days ago and burst out laugh thing at the sliding under the quoute it was similar to the skate 2 quote be grinded. Also, why the fuck doesn’t that seuss collection have the lorax.

  16. Didn’t see 21 Jump Street but why are all of these remakes being turned into comedies? Also who gives that much of a fuck about Channing Tatum that they have to rewrite G.I. Joe? He’s in a movie that is pretty much a male version of Coyote Ugly meets Showgirls. He’s no Jason Stathum kill em and move on!

  17. Thinking of getting wife Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy for her birthday, might as well do it through here.

    I love Christopher Nolan so much that, even though I already own Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and Inception, I outright gasped when I saw that set and had to stop myself from immediately purchasing it. I do agree that the omission of The Prestige is odd, but even so, that is an utterly spectacular box set. I may just have to buy that through you guys!
    Also, I was one of those people who thought the Amazing Spider-Man game had potential, so it’s sad to see that it doesn’t seem to rise above tie-in status. I do dearly want to web-swing Stan Lee around New York, but not enough to spend $60 on it. They really should have considered selling this at a starting price of $40, maybe even $30. Great review by Hank, though!

  19. Saw the Artist last week on Blu Ray, and I really enjoyed it, such a fresh take after seeing a slew of explosive silly entertainment like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (which was hilariously awful, but I enjoyed it immensely, especially compared to the ‘Brave’ which I saw the same night, blegh!) Speaking of Brave, when can we expect an entire Pixar episode??

  20. I pre-ordered and beat Spec Ops: The Line already and it was phenomenal. I was planning on spreading it out but it sucked me in and wouldn’t let go. Engrossing is the perfect word for this game and while I hate to even slightly contradict Chris, I found it a great vessel for questions of morality. No spoilers but there’s one part in particular that made me feel like utter shit. By the end of the campaign I felt outright defeated and kinda hated myself. Definitely deserves your attention. The devs of Spec Ops: The Line are furthering our medium.

  21. The Amazing Spider-Man game is enjoyable. It really is a less good Arkham Asylum with a better super hero.

    And for me, the Christopher Nolan box-set, would be a really good joke gift, although shitting in a box would be less expensive.

  22. Jumpstreet was good not great. Spec Ops really is suprising me though, demo didn’t do it justice.

  23. Just bought a $20 XBL card through the amazon link. Feels good to give the few cents to you guys rather than microsoft.

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