Cape Crisis #18 – Ultimate Web of Amazing Spectacular

A very loose and Marvel-centric opening, Vampires, Stan Lee, and the scoop on The Amazing Spider-man video game as well as our favorite interactive comic book adaptations…











Cape Crisis #18 Listener Question – Favorite comic book video game, do you have one?

53 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #18 – Ultimate Web of Amazing Spectacular

    1. Yep, been listening up to that point. Really strange. At least it’s only temporary but a fix is needed if possible.

  1. It sounds like you guys are having an interesting conversation,but the loud music in background makes so you CAN”T HEAR IT! WTF UP THE BUTT!

  2. Ah, awesome. Funnily enough I’ll probably listen to this while ploughing through collectibles in the new Spiderman game.

    1. Yeah I agree wholeheartedly. It was way too loud… I listen to VGMpire for that, not Cape Crisis…

  3. Gahhhh!! The background music is too much!! I like background music as much as the next person, but this is ridiculous! D:

  4. Guys, what the hell is with the music in this episode? I like game music, but I’ll listen to VGM when it want it to be the main focus, but here I want to UNDERSTAND the conversation. Re-release with fixed mix, please?

  5. Must…wait until work tomorrow…to listen…or will be so bored…

    Also, I picture Chris looking and these comments, realizing that there was a hiccup in the audio, and letting out a long, long string of curses.

  6. Just read Avengers Vs. X-men #6 holy shit pretty much every character is a giant fucking cynical asshole, I can’t believe the honorable mighty Thor knees some some kid in the stomach when the Avengers come to kidnap a girl how heroic!

  7. It sounds like some guys were dragged to a club who didn’t want to be there and were determined to maintain a conversation over the music

  8. Hey Chris, you don’t need the Marvel app to redeem the free book codes. You redeem it on Marvel’s website, connect your comixology account to it and the free comics will appear in your purchased comics section of the comixology app.

    1. How do you connect your comixology account to Marvel’s website? I’ve looked and can’t find it on either site. 🙁

  9. The Michael Caine bit was perfect. “Master Wayne, you have to pick up your Legos… And you haven’t.” That fucking killed me!

      1. thank you for the steve ditko doc. Very interesting, especially the part with Stan Lee, may he rest in peace (ed.- this comment takes place one week from all futures).

  10. Can’t wait to hear Henry’s thoughts on the Amazing Spiderman game. Got it on my lovefilm rental list but might take it off if he is down on it

  11. Uninformed political tweets were bad enough, but eight minutes of unlistenable garble was the toughest sit of all. >_<

    that Ditko interview sounds SO awesome.

    also… FUCK THAT!
    i don’t believe marvel or any company major or independent should be publishing digital comics with a print comic cover price! NO NO NO!

    it’s stupid and it’s going to keep the industry from progressing. Digital is the best thing that could have happened to comics, they production is almost cut in half total, and so the production cost is as well. Thus the cover price should be less. LESS!
    if they keep trying to play nice with comic book stores EVERYONE IS GOING TO LOSE IN THE END!
    it’s like hollywood trying to hold up the theater chains and return sales instead of going with that one proposed idea to have the dvd availible to purchase in the lobby AS you’re leaving the theater.
    we can’t keep trying to maintain these old relationships if we are to progress as mediums.
    all those guys were useful a long time ago, but the times they have changed.
    I think it was best said in Scrooged w/ bill murray.
    “I’m gonna give you a little advice, Claire… Scrape ’em off. You wanna save somebody? Save yourself!” that’s the only way the comics industry is going to survive, especially if they’re going to move into the digital realm. no one is gonna put up with this 4 dollar digital comics shit for too much longer.

    aaaaaaand finally… once i got passed the audio hiccup…


    I was completely okay with the extra long “what’cha readin'” segment
    I like listening to you guys talk comics. and with all of you enjoying different things
    it makes for good conversation.
    good conversation = good podcast

    text wall is a wall of text

    1. “it’s stupid and it’s going to keep the industry from progressing.”

      It’s also the only thing keeping comic shops from dying.

  13. For as flawed as it is …which it is ..a bunch, the Original X-men game for the Sega Genesis, (with the archangel drive by) blew my mind. Even if killing an enemy sounded like squeezing Nickelodeon Sqwand through your fingers, it had Sabertooth in his new costume, (I’m a big sabretooth mark).

  14. You guys need to do a lego dark knight skit
    Chris: Michael Cain Alfred
    Henry: Tom Hardy Bane
    Brett: Christian Bale Batman

  15. So about 30 minutes in, you have the music blaring for about 5 mins and I couldn’t hear a thing you guys were talking about. I would have much rather heard the conversation.

  16. SORRY ABOUT THE TECHNICAL ISSUES! The show has been fixed and reuploaded. Filename: “CapeCrisis_ep18_0628” = BAD
    Filename: “CapeCrisis_Ep19_0629” = GOODER

  17. Just watched in search for steve ditko on youtube, and it was amazing. Very very interesting, and it definitely gave me a new appreciation for the man

  18. When he said he wasn’t really a fan of Hickman’s current FF run, my brain ’bout ‘sploded.

  19. I’m so mad that the Web of Shadows is so expensive right now. Weeks ago, when it was first mentioned in this podcast, I checked in amazing and it was almost 40 bucks! That’s insane! that game is OLD!
    It was fun to see how that old game is more expensive than the two newer Beenox games. I think that says something about Beenox as a missguided developer.
    This podcast was a lot of fun to listen to. Specially because I love Spiderman.

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