38 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #19 – The Slightly Amazing Adaptation

  1. I can’t help but hear Hulk Dick as a verb. Like it’s an actual thing that he’s going to do to you.

  2. I think this is the first time you guys have ever had only two of you on a podcast, i.e. one of the best you guys have done! well done.

  3. Home movies is extraordinary. I was too young when Dr Katz was on. All I remember was finding it funny even though I can’t remember any episodes.

  4. Reboots and recons are what took me so long to get into comics. As an outsider I kept hearing storie like Captain America is dead then oh what do ya know he is back shortly after! I never knew where to start and what was “real”.

  5. Is talk about the film spoiler free? I haven’t got seeing it that but should be going tonight

  6. i started protesting spider-man movie AT the second one.
    i was satisfied with one. i didn’t need any more.
    he was finally on the big screen. i was satisfied.
    never saw any of the other ones.

    2. I like you guys high ended comics conversations, I have just enough knowledge and history in comics to know what you guys are talking about, and I like that you guys all have different levels of knowledge about comics. it’s real. not all of my friends read the same comics, or got into comics at the same time. and that always gives us stuff to talk about.
    3. you want something to read chris, you’re gonna get the most variety from all non marvel dc comics, AND search the internet for independent digital comics. shit man you can read mine if you want, i’ll give you the whole two digital trade paper back set for free if you want. C:

  7. I am disappointed that you guys hate on DC so much. I read both marvel and DC but my heart is with DC, chris, if you didnt say if you started with green lanterns REBIRTH. if you dont start from there then you are gonna be lost but secret origin, then rebirth, then no fear like gilbert said

    1. Oh God… please don’t take anything I said to mean that I “hate DC.” Totally not the case, I promise. I was criticizing certain tendencies they have, with a totally unbiased eye, mostly centered around the impenetrable nature of most of its books. Seriously, imagine someone with no knowledge of these specific characters. How could you expect them to understand what the hell is going on and thereby become a fan with?

  8. read the new 52 ANIMAL MAN TRADE
    green lantern SECRET ORIGIN, rebirth, then the rest of johns stuff,
    swamp thing, alan moore or scott snyder

  9. Mr. Antista, forget everyone else in DC land.

    Here are the 9 stories you should read for entertainment in the world of Batman (and in chronological order to boot!)

    1. Batman Year One (Batman #404-407) – The iconic origin story
    2. Shaman (Legends of the Dark Knight #1-5) – Overlaps with Year One and immediately afterward.
    3. Batman and the Monster Men – Hugo Strange meets the Batman
    4. Batman and the Mad Monk – Julie Madison arc continued
    5. Batman: Prey (Legends of the Dark Knight #11-15) – Hugo Strange returns to hunt down the bat.
    6. The Man who Laughs – First encounter with the Joker
    7. Gothic (Legends of the Dark Knight #6-10) – Grant Morrison’s masterpiece in horror showcasing the criminally underrated villain Mr Whisper.
    8. The Long Halloween – The Godfather inspired crime story which Batman, Gordon, and Dent make a pact to rid Gotham of all criminals… yeah we know how that will go down right? Absolutely must read.
    9. The Dark Knight Returns – Regarded as non canon of course but if you want an end to the story, then Frank Miller’s epic tale should more than satisfy that crowd. (Let’s also pretend The Dark Knight Strikes ever happened deal?)

    There you have it, if you want the best stories in chronological order and not into the confusing amount of Robins, meaningless storylines, villains, etc then cap it off with TDKR as it makes sense of why there’s a huge gap between that and TLH…

    but it you choose to proceed, then by all means skip TDKR and go straight to..

    10. Dark Victory – Fallout from The Long Halloween and the murder of the Flying Graysons.
    11. The Saga of Ra’s Al Ghul – Written in 1987, it fits canonically here and is the first encounter between the league and the bat.
    12. The Killing Joke – The Alan Moore classic which the Joker confirms his title as the biggest pain in the ass of Batman.
    13. Vengeance of Bane #1 – A haunting intro to the man who will become obsessed with breaking the bat.
    14. Knightfall – The Bat is broken. (Read below for explanation on the 2 sequels)

    Titles that are often quoted as must read but in the end, give promise but take way too long to tell their goddamn stories or don’t know what they’re doing in the middle until the resolution:
    A Death in the Family – Jason Todd’s crowbar/explosion 1800-dial-a stunt death
    A Lonely Place of Dying – Introduction of Tim Drake
    Funeral for a Friend – DC cameos galore, including the Clintons, as heroes pay tribute to the death of Superman.
    Knightquest and Knight’s End – Should have been the epic comeback for the Batman from his injury but takes way too long, Azrael takes the fun out of it, doesn’t make any sense, piss poor pacing. Just know that Bruce Wayne heals of course and is now “better than ever”.
    Cataclysm/No Man’s Land – Earthquake happens. Story wanders around like nobody’s business. Rebuilding begins.
    Bruce Wayne: Murderer/Fugitive – Wayne is framed for the murder of his girlfriend. Batman decides to get rid of Bruce Wayne for good.
    Hush – Overrated, over-saturated story that I only included in case there were fanboys blinded by Jim Lee’s last awesome art contribution to DC to cover up for Loeb’s poor story.
    Under the Hood – Jason Todd comes back from his dial-a-death with the SINGLE MOST RETARDED EXPLANATION EVER (It involves the superboy super-punch through cosmos)
    Batman and his bastard Son, Batman RIP, Batman Inc, etc, etc.

    Well there you really have it. Not only did this confirm how geeky I am, it also paints the sad reality of how I spend my off days from work. Cheers Cape Crisis heroes.

    1. The problem with MovieBob’s critique and review of this new spiderman movie, is that he sounds clearly hellbent on hating it no matter the cost and looking for anything he can to say disparaging comments about it while completely side-stepping all the things it did right.

      And well, the fact that this movie was meant to have a tone closer to batman begins has never really been a surprise. But I honestly never felt like it was trying too hard to be like that movie, yes it feels more grounded than the pasts films and it’s darker, but it still has more fun with the source material and how outlandish some of the things spiderman universe are.

  10. Somewhere on this podcast you mentioned a good place to start for Deadpool, and I can’t find where you said it to look it up.

    What was it, again?

  11. Chris, if you’re looking for a great DC comic; ‘Tower of Babel’ is a great story involving the JLA and Batman having contingency plans to take them down — which the villains get a hold of.

  12. Just finished listening to the podcast, and I somewhat agree with you guys in several points, but honestly? I feel like you’re giving the first spiderman movie a lot of credit. I’d recommend watching it again, and personally, i feel like it no longer holds up very well. The dialog is cheesy and stilted, the acting is not as good, and the action and CGI look just atrocious.

    When I came out from the theater, I felt somewhat conflicted about the movie, but after watching the old spiderman movie yesterday, I honestly got a better appreciation for this new one in hindsight.

    1. Though I am surprised no one complained or commented on what to me is the single worst scene in the movie: The whole thing with the cranes. I liked the movie overall, but that single scene felt forced, cheesy, stupid, impossible, and completely pointless, and was probably the reason why I left the theater feeling more conflicted rather than happy at first.

      1. A lot of people hated that scene. I thought it was pretty cheesy but not enough to make me feel conflicted. I get that it was meant to show how the people like Spider-Man or something because he’s a real hero/human being (like they did in the first two movies) but it was just ridiculous.

        1. Well, It pissed me a lot mainly because otherwise, i felt the movie felt grounded enough, but that scene felt just forced, and insulting to my intelligence. I mean, after reflecting it more, I can kinda forgive it more since it’s so pointless that you can pretty much ignore it happened.

          But still… it’s annoying because it’s like a giant sore spot in an otherwise pretty good film, like i mentioned in the forums, even that kind of scene was handled better in the first spider-man movie… even though that movie is overall far, far cheesier.

  13. As far as DC trades go my all-time favorite is Justice. It features every important hero and villain DC has.

    That opening showing the nukes raining down gets seriously stuck in your head!

    Plus later on it shows how awesomely powerful a character my favorite DC hero, Captain Marvel is. I really love his interactions with Batman, when the Dark Knight learns about Cap’s true identity.

  14. I really enjoyed this episode. I like the fact that, when nobody else is on, Chris doesn’t hold back from talking about comics and doesn’t worry if somebody else is getting bored or something. I love Brett, Tyler, Ann, Mike and the rest but, whenever they’re are a lot of people on, it seems the conversation gets moved along too quickly. I liked that you guys took your time and enjoyed yourselves. I listen to this podcast, and the rest of Lasertime’s offerings, because of the people involved. I want to hear your opinions. Wonderful Job!

    1. Sorry Henry. I didn’t mean to skip mentioning that the best part of this podcast is your hosting efforts. You really do an excellent job and your insights reveal your expertise of the comics medium. Thanks.

  15. I just saw the movie with my bf today and I loved it and he really liked it also. I also thought Andrew Garfield was a much, much better Spiderman AND Peter Parker than Tobey, because in my humble opinion TM just moped around for the majority of the three films and that’s not Spidey at all to me. I really didn’t mind the crane scene because it shows his connection to the people of the city bc it’s not just anybody who has that idea to help him out, it’s the guy whose son he saved on the bridge.

    All in all, I know it seems repetitive but I think the origin story needed to be told again for this reboot and that it was told very well and was different enough to still be very interesting bc I used to be a huge Spidey fan and got really burned out on the original TM films and I was completely riveted by this new installment. I really appreciate Henry and your point of view on it though and can see how it would just seem tiresome.I also think it makes all the difference when it’s so well executed and I feel like this version had a lot of heart in it which to me is also what Spidey is about at his core.

    “The property of Peter Parker” thing did make me go “Seriously??”, though. I’m sad it seemed like several key scenes didn’t make the final cut (also what happened to the scene with the doorman when he goes to see Gwen??). I also have to say, I loved Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, but then again the last film incarnation presented of Stacy in Spiderman 3 was awful in my opinion. I’m glad they went with Stacy instead of Maryjane again, THAT would have just added to the super repetitiveness some had a problem with in this new origin story. Parker as Stacy was cute and self sufficient and was more than a damsel in distress that MJ tends to be.

    Oh and can I just say I’m so glad, “with great power comes great responsibility” line that’s so overused now didn’t come up!

  16. Last comment I swear! I also really enjoyed the fact that it was just Henry and Chris talking this podcast and there were no interruptions of their streams of thoughts and what not. I love everybody else but this was just a really good one because you guys have such great discussions!

    I agree totally that Henry is a comic god and his knowledge only enhances the conversations. Chris is not as familiar and therefore stands in for the rest of us in the listening audience who are also not as familiar with the comic material. Chris often is the one who asks the great and pertinent questions that I’m often wondering here at home about something Henry has referenced or that is being discussed, and when it’s just the two of you it allows for those questions to be answered thoroughly and I absolutely love that! Thanks guys, this cast made my night.

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