60 thoughts on “Laser Time – Explaining the Unexplainable

    1. Why don’t you wait until you hear this piece of Erotic Fan Fiction before you go sayin’ all that? I fear we may’ve crossed the line…

      1. ^^^^^
        Line crossed for me. Couldn’t make it through 🙁
        There’s only so much a guy can take… (oooohhhh ambiguity)

      2. Honestly that really wasn’t nearly as horrible as some of the ones that I’ve read since you guys started doing the EFF segment. I’ve been trying to find the Kirby one from a few episodes ago and stumbled across some pretty disturbing shit.

        Topless Robot does a weekly EFF installment and some of those are all kinds of wrong.

    1. I agree that it is a touch much three times in a row. I still want to see them done, but prefer my laser time to be the boys bullshitting, as it’s easier to recommend to my friends. That being said, is there any way that Erotic Fan Fiction could become its own podcast instead?

  1. Erotic Fan Fiction is the new King of names!

    P.S. I’m going to be in San Fran from the 11th to the 17th

    any room for a co-host?

  2. Can’t wait to listen. Just maybe slow down on the fanfiction for at least a month, don’t want it to get old.

  3. Hmm, Laser Time the exclusive erotic fanfic podcast, not that it’s a bad thing, i fear that i won’t be able to hold back my masturbatory urges especially if HENEREYE GEIELEBERETE is in it again.

  4. As long as you keep up the variety of erotic fan-fiction theater, I don’t think it’ll get old for a good while.

    Also, please keep trying to find more and more offensive ones.

  5. I agree with Brett, Hospitals are way too real. My brother broke his leg a few months back and I hated going to visit him because there were like 2 kids beside the room he was being held in that were on suicide watch (this was a children’s hospital), too real for my boring everyday life.

  6. Holy shit!! Ann I used to play that dinosaur game all the time when I was in school. My friends discovered a cheat in the game where if you jump off a really high mountain, you get all the weapons with unlimited ammo and unlimited jet pack fuel.

    1. Ohhh boy we knew all the cheats. We had a list of all the cheat codes posted next to the computer at school.

  7. Sorry but this fanfiction and quiz bullshit is destroying the series. I loved lasertime but after the last 2-3 episodes that had fanfiction i was extremely turned off. It’s boring to listen to and it’s lazying out on an episode full of content you could actually be using.

    So yeah, please stop with the fanfiction it’s stupid and with an already declining fanbase, it’s not a smart idea to keep doing it

  8. I lost it when the music kicked in to finish off EFF. Bravo to the gentlemen in this week’s installment. Great moan, Hank! Brava to the lady for keeping it together (mostly XD) and the “angry/pulsing” voice. Many thanks for introducing me to the Mister Rogers remix, Chris. A beautiful creation that truly resonates. Long live Laser Time!!!!

  9. IT IS ANGRY!!! I’m not sure if I can ever look at the black suit the same way again… This must have been hard for Brett.

    Also, I played Nanosaur when I was in elementary school, as well! When Anne started talking about a game that she remembered, I just knew in the back of my mind that she was going to say Nanosaur. Velociraptors with jetpacks tend to attract the youth. They attract the old, too, of course.

  10. Ah, even when it’s just the unfocused ramblings of the hosts, it’s still the best podcast out there.

  11. Blah blah, yes erotic fiction, don’t ruin it too soon. By the way, I hate to be the first to admit because, “OMG Stoner” shit, but I did enjoy the smoking stories a lot. Also, I get nausea from eadibles, Chris. It can happen.

  12. Yes! Finally, some gay fanfiction! Though I am very excited about this and thought that it was hilarious, you guys should take a brake from the fanfiction until you find something REALLY ridiculous.

  13. Hank’s reactions during EFFT alone knocked this one out of the park!

  14. Amazing episode. I honestly prefer you guys talkin’ about your lives and telling stories to Seth talking about cars.

  15. This was a great Lasertime until the erotic fan fiction. I guess I must be a prude but the whole ghey Spiderman thing was just f*ckin gross. It’s hilarious that all these other people find it great I suppose. I’ll continue to listen but can we please keep the erotic fiction to at least 1 cast a month. I guess I can always just stop listening to the show when you guys do it.
    Great show otherwise.

  16. Man this one was amazing!! I just sorta wish that the topic lasted a bit longer, that stuff is fascinating

  17. This train seems to be spiraling out of control at this point. What happened to nostalgia and video games….

  18. That was just too sexy… Continue EFFT! My only problem is how split everyone is over it. Uh-oh, do we have civil war brewing?

    1. My favourite thing about erotic fan fiction is Henry’s sighs.

      Maybe do it every OTHER episode just so it doesn’t run out o steam, cos I honestly laugh every time.

  19. don’t be like activision and reproduce erotic fan fiction every week leading to unwanted tedium. be like nintendo and space it out so we love it every time it appears

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