The Walking Dead: Comic-Con, Cars, and PAIN

My entire Comic-Con 2012 experience can be summed up in all of three words: THE WALKING DEAD! Interviews, zombies, and humiliation abound! [Pic via Cheryll Del Rosario and GamesRadar]

First off, sorry for what looks like a case of shameless self promotion! But seriously, I still get a ton of questions about what the hell I do for a professionally -and goddamn!- Google auto fills one of the first results for my name as “chris antista fired.” Well, I still work at Future US, and I’m pretty proud to say that most of what I’ve been working on as of late largely pertains to one of my favorite things happening right now, the Walking Dead (comic, nto the show)

I know it’s an ad but I worked on it and love it so!

I say “favorite things” because out of all the games, movies, comics and TV I’ve consumed over the last three or four years, I haven’t enjoyed anyTHING as much as I’ve enjoyed Walking Dead. Period. I’m not up on the show, but the comic is easily one of the most engrossing and fulfilling things I enjoy these days. And I’ve been fortunate enough to contribute stuff to a bunch of jawesome videos with Skybound, Image, and Robert Kirkman (which you can just so happen to find over at!) and that all culminated in a shitload of stuff of Walking Deadery at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

A Stupid Face Contest with John and Dino!

You may have noticed Walking Dead car ads both on and in Future’s sites and magazines, and that’s all part of it. Hyundai and Walking Dead have some kind of existing partnership, but hey, that’s their business. My job was to come up with a ton of questions and concepts based around Walking Dead and host the ever lovin’ shit out of them! First off, someone had the bright idea to take a brand new 2013 Hyundai Elantra and have Kirkman basically ruin it in order to transform it into the ultimate “Zombie Survival Machine!” The Walking Dead artists drew it up, and we got the vehicular madmen at Design Craft to bring it to life. Better still, I had the honor of  helping unveil the beast LIVE on the Comic-Con 2012 showfloor!

This was unbelievably fun. Kirkman is an amazingly funny, not to mention patient (with amateur on camera talent) dude, and he’s awesome to talk to. Seriously, look at him! Does he look or act like a guy currently dominating two mediums?! (Walking Dead is the biggest show on cable currently, and the 100th issue has become the best selling comic of the century!) Oh yeah! You’ve got a chance to win a non-zombie proofed version of the car right here!

Second, I got to take part in a bunch of weirdo/awesome fan interactions involving the car. I wasn’t sure how much people would care, but my heart warmed to see that Walking Dead fans hold anything Kirkman does in immensely high regard, and glory be, many fucks were given!

Perhaps my personal favorite set of videos were the chats I had with Walking Dead artist, Charlie Adlard and TWD Editor, Sin Grace. Both gentlemen were funny, forthcoming, and I think it’s an absolute editing marvel/cryin’ shame that our 30-45 minutes TWD geek outs were trimmed to just south of four minutes. Honestly, I could’ve talked to those those fellas about TWD forever.

Now that you’ve met Sina, you can enjoy this video of a Zombie Costume Contest we hosted knowing full well he’s not truly a dick in real life. Confession: we made the highly professional decision off camera to “go a little Cowell” on the contestants. This was brutal. A ton of people showed up in outrageously phenomenal undead getups, which we then whittled down to five, and then judged even more harshly in order to select three winners. A dozen or so or the “semi-finalists” we made wait around forever had incredible costumes, featuring meticulous detail and elaborate gore makeup that would easily taken home a prize in any normal costume contest. But we had way too many participants, and that cruel decision making process bummed me out so much, I now know that we, as well as every other host of reality show completions, are life’s true monsters.

Okay… would you like to know why Laser Time really had to go with a BEST OF episode this week? Allow me to pull back the curtain, with the next video… which pretty much broke me as a human being. Imagine you’re asked to run a “Zombie Obstacle Course” and you say “Sure thing!” thinking it’s probably a couple of rope ladders and cones and zombie cardboard cutouts in one of Comic-Con’s many empty parking lots about the size of a McDonalds Playland. Then imagine you’re told moments before hand it’s actually an elaborately themed race through Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres, and employs several miles, stories, smoke, overturned cars, multiple stories, hundreds of actors in grotesque makeup drenched in blood, and takes around 40 minutes to complete. Now imagine you’re a tragically out-of-shape, heavy smoker and that’s approximately 39.5 minutes more running than you’ve done in the last decade. Ladies and Gentlemen… I give you The Walking Dead Escape!

Seriously, this thing ruined me! I wish I could tell you how cool it was, but I spent the whole time horrified. Not at the incredibly well-executed apocalyptic tableaus, mind you, but the fear of at any moment I was going to fall over vomiting, halt the production, and be gurneyed the hell out of there as I experienced what felt like my lungs filling up with burning diarrhea. I made it through, thank you very much. But regions of my body I’ve never even considered as part my biology ached with tremendous pain for the next couple of days. And that’s why we didn’t put up a new Laser Time: Because it hurt too fucking much, after less than an hour of running, to sit at a computer and edit/upload an mp3. (Note: I’m not joking.)

Lastly we threw a massive party with Hyundai and The Walking Dead at the Petco Park stadium, and it was packed with more celebs than I can ever recall seeing at one time. I’m pretty green at the whole on camera thing, so THANK GOD, The Mighty Veronica Belmont came in to perform pro hosting duties on the Walking Dead Black Carpet !

Vern knows her shit, but I’m happy to say I got to toss a couple of question at numerous cast members of The Walking Dead, True Blood, the guys from Robot Chicken, I believe Havoc from X-Men: First Class, among many others. A personal dorkout moment was watching Robert Kirkman have a smiling conversation with The Wire/Fringe’s Lance Reddick. Felt like a proud, geeky parent… or a regrettably voyeuristic creep? Huh, hindsight…

I hope that clears up what the hell I’ve did at Comic-Con, in addition to shedding a little light on what the hell I do for work nowadays. No, this post is in no way sponsored by anyone, and if you can believe it, I wanted to put it up more than anything to better explain why I was too exhausted to put up anything other than a BEST OF episode of Laser Time this week, which I honestly still feel terrible about (in spite of also being immensely proud of having enough solid content to comprise a “Greatest Hits” show after over 40 episodes!) Whatever… We’ll be back with a new episode next week. OH! And you can still enter to win that car from the unveiling video above, an unadorned 2013 Hyundai Elantra FYI, by entering here before July 30th. Thanks for caring!






21 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Comic-Con, Cars, and PAIN

  1. Is it just me or does everything that Chris has a hand in promoting have zombies in it? Dead Island, Walking Dead…

  2. I can understand why you wouldn’t really like the show, but I actually have high hopes for next season. Unless they somehow fuck it up, the adaptation of the prison and Woodbury/governor storylines will have to overshadow any of the show’s flaws. Michonne looks awesome too.

    Also, don’t feel bad for not recording an episode this week. I can’t think of a better excuse than being tired from running from zombies.

  3. Ahahahaha, Seeing Spider-man hotfooting it past Chris in that Obstacle course made me laugh so hard… Bravo.

  4. “Google auto fills one of the first results for my name as “chris antista fired.”” – It’s cause we care about what happens to you Chris that is why Google autofills to such extreme situations. Fantastic stuff.

  5. Seriously, I don’t mean to sound gay, but you sir are not as unattractive as you make yourself out to be. First off, there are fatter people out there that have TV and movie roles, and compared to most games journalists (ugh that word), you’re not even that fat. Second off, with maybe a couple of months dedication, you can guaranteed ton up your body to healthy levels- I know, as an ex-smoker (smoked for 12 years and quit when I got up to a 2 packs a day), that motivation and lung capacity is hard to maintain, but it’ll help your confidence immensely.

    Also, no I don’t think you should quit smoking either- fuck that, I personally know people I met at the gym who still smoke and they can run a couple of miles- it’s all cardiovascular and how healthy you make the rest of your daily activities. You’re a vegetarian, so that helps. I quit smoking BECAUSE my health started failing quick and lost a significant amount of weight due to that.

    This has turned into something quite… stupid for lack of a better word, so to close this lame attempt at motivation, just know three things in the limited amount of time I have started to listening to your stuff- 1) you’re a good looking dude (not gay), 2) you’re fucking hilarious, 3) you should do some more creative things because you’re quite creative based on my recent addiction to the late Talk Radar and Laser Time.

    So… yeah…

    *awkwardly leaves money on your dresser*
    **not gay**

    1. When complimenting someone’s looks, I don’t believe that, “there are fatter people out there” is a very good jumping off point. Just saying

  6. I’m just starting to read The Walking Dead comics but seeing this makes me more excited now. Really cool stuff, hope to see more.

  7. Man i was so disapointed i missed that race but i had to go to my hotel and play with my shield super hellicarrier

  8. The more i see video’s with Chris in them the more i am convinced that he looks allot like Harrison ford in Blade runner.

  9. By centurary does he mean from 2000 – which would be 12 years or from 1912? Also did you invite him to do an episode of LaserTime, because an all zombie episode would be boss althought it would probably take 31 hours to finish.

  10. Have been hooked on The Walking Dead from the opening scene that fateful October evening. Once I discovered the comics it was a whole new (larger!) world. Nothing better on a day off than a hot cup of coffee and stack of TWD trades. So cool that you got work with such a killer IP, Antista.

  11. I just realized that I wouldn’t have lasted 10 minutes in the damned Walking Dead Escape, nowI’m glad I didn’t make time for it.
    Awesome work, I’m really sad I never got the chance to see all the happenings and goings on at the Future booth, but I did see Robert Kirkman at Image.
    good times.

  12. Fantastic videos Chris! Very entertaining! You must be having a blast working on this stuff (except for the running and climbing).

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