16 thoughts on “VGMpire Episode 26 – A Day with Animal Crossing

  1. Another good choice. I realize there are hundreds of soundtracks to chose from, yet you somehow seem to keep making me happy. Keep up the good work Brett.

  2. I would have never thought of Animal Crossing for this. Great choice. Totally downloading now.

  3. Hey! Listen! Brett Elston is going to talk about Animal Crossing and Toys Я Us!


    I played a lot of Animal Crossing in university. I’m actually surprised that the most memorable tracks for me are 3pm and 4pm; I presume that’s when I got home from school, then went to work on my town.

    I remember being absolutely astonished when my animal neighbours asked me to change their saying/greeting. “Holy crap this game is so deep.”

  4. Great episode. I hadn’t heard this music in years so it brought back so many memories. I didn’t even know I had that much nostalgia for Animal Crossing.
    I used to get out of school at 3 and play for a few hours as soon as I got home, so I remembered the 3-5pm songs the best.

  5. Reminded me that I didn’t have it for any platform. Go-Go Gadget Gamestop…. And Done. On the DS, cause I’m a man on the go!

  6. This episode got me back into VGMpire! Sorry I left. I forgot how enjoyable it is to listen to you guys reminisce about games. I certainly remember playing this game late at night trying to find stuff to do. Everyone was asleep. It was boring Sometimes a balloon with a present would float on by. The soundtrack was great and would lul me to sleep 🙂

  7. Such a great Episode, you guys. I loved the nostalgia overdose. Animal Crossing was always very near and dear to my heart as well as my younger brothers’. I always was greeted by early morning sounds, since I would always get up before school and play this game. It was a simpler time. Thank you, Animal Crossing, for the laid back adventures I had in your world.

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