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  1. Ah, the “Stephanie gets glasses” episode where Urkel doesn’t help fucking at all. This should be good.

  2. I like to believe during the Carl Winslow scene in Diehard that he accidentally wandered on to the wrong set and when he sees the guy jump to his death he freaks out because he thinks it is Urkel.

  3. YEEAAAAHHHHH!!! Ain’t nothing better for getting through a project then famous people shoving awkward moral lessons in my ear about sex and drugs!

    1. Yes! It’s the one where Raj can’t talk to women, Sheldon is insensitive, Leonard is awkward around Penny, and they visit a comic shop stuffed with goods from the DC Direct catalog.

  4. I wonder if Jaleel White’s personal hell is going to be watching reruns of Family Matters for eternity.
    Got any chee- *PUNCH*

    1. Urkel was the personification of the black comics’ age-old joke about “white people drive like this…” So perhaps Urkel would be my eternal punishment…

  5. If there is gonna be a part two to this episode, I think Family Guy did a very special epsiode. In the episode Quagmire’s sister was in an abusive relationship and it is up to the guys to solve this dilemma. The episode was very serious if a remember correctly I don’t even remember a cut away joke.

    1. not really as they joked about it before that ep in the one where quag hates brian.
      Quagmire”Hes beating her now brian are you happ!!?”

      but fam guy will never be straight serious. kinda its problem.

  6. aw gawwd… you’re harshin my mellow maaaaaaan.
    I love the contrast between the insanely serious topic and the delightfully upbeat music playing in the background.

    wow… i hadn’t thought about that diff strokes episode since it first aired. O___O
    dude… that episode was written by a pedo club… hollywood is SO full of pedos. >:C

  7. I can see that my efforts have gotten Coop mentioned, but this isn’t GET COOP MENTIONED 2012, it’s FREE COOP 2012! Until Coop is brought on, I refuse to sleep. And if my sleep-deprived body goes limp, it’ll be on your head TaserLime, your head!

    1. NO! NO HOLLANDER COOPER! He was the beginning of the end of Talkradar in my opinion. He has NOTHING to contribute to LaserTime!

      1. I didn’t really like Cooper but after relistening to some TDar I kinda like the Coop now

  8. The sad part about the Diff’rent Strokes episode with the bicycle shop owner is that the actor who played Dudley was molested in real life.

    This is probably my favorite episode because the “very special episode” is a fascinating and often contradictory staple of my ’80s and ’90s childhood.

    I hope you guys do a part two if only to talk about Cherrie being trapped in a refrigerator on Punky Brewster and when Punky got upset when the Challenger exploded.

    Also you guys are setting yourselves up for a “Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue” episode. 😉 God, remember that shit?

  9. Downloading, I hope they talk about that time the kid from Different Strokes almost got molested, that episode soured me on kindly bike store owners for life.

  10. OH MAN that last one sure was weird as fuck!

    I was sad about Chris being unemployed, but now I wonder what that last part was about “Where I’m headed”.

  11. can’t wait! this will sooth my driving nerves this weekend…

    hope chris clears up his tweets about leaving future….

  12. The only “serious” episode of Family Guy I saw was the 40 minute Stewie/Brian episode where they are trapped in the bank vault for an entire weekend. No music, no cut away gags, just those two having these pretty personal moments.

    Although, Brian was forced to eat Stewies poop….so maybe serious is the wrong word.

  13. I really hope that the follow up to this episode comes fairly soon. This deserves a “And now the conclusion of A Very Special Episode of Laser Time”, where the ones that were skipped over due to time get discussed.

  14. I’ve been waiting for this topic, and was not disappointed. That last one was super uncomfortable, especially for Chris. It makes me wish I had more audio savvy, so I could put together a colossal megamix of all of Chris’ pedophile jokes from LT, TDar, and Cape Crisis.

  15. Woah this is really topical for me (or at least my wife). Just started listening, but I already have a story to tell, here goes…

    My wife is a regular customer at a local business (I won’t say what kind or where) and she was having a conversation with the owner, a very pretty brunette girl in her mid 20s. They ended up talking about sitcoms, and my wife mentions that there are no family sitcoms with the cute moral lessons anymore, almost exactly like you guys are saying here at the top of the show. So the girl casually says she used to have a boyfriend that was on one of those shows, called Full House. She said it was the guy who “Jessie”. We googled, and yes, it’s well documented. Very nice person, and for the record, she’s two years younger than the Olson Twins.

  16. Great LT guys! As a probably older *cough* member of the audience, I really like the spotlight on the older shows. The Doobie Brothers on What’s Happening was AMAZING kudos for recognizing the greatness.

    Ah, the Diff’rent Strokes “DGM” episode, I saw it as a a kid on the first-run, and I think it’s maybe the most effective one ever. Having the show seem like a normal one (up to a point) was a good choice, because when the bad stuff happens, it has more surprise and impact. They give you the ominous warning at the top of the show, but then you kind of forget. After all, who could suspect Gordon Jump, the kindly station manager of WKRP?? They should have stopped with the jokes when it starts getting weird though. Diff’rent Strokes seemed like it was ALL special episodes, covering every permutation of dire peril for every cast member. There’s even one where Kimberly gets held prisoner, beaten and almost gets raped by a photographer… I don’t remember if there was a laugh track but I hope not.

  17. That episode of Full House where DJ works out too much is the only episode I remember from that dumb show even though I watched every single ep.

  18. Hey guys, long time listener, firs time commenter. I loved this episode but I saw actually a little surprised at how it ended.

    Not with the Different Strokes episode, but that it didn’t include the closing from the Dinosaurs episode “A New Leaf.” While I know you featured the show in one segment already, the last minute of this episode where Robbie addresses the audience would have been a perfect closer I think.

    You will find it here at the 5:45 mark.

  19. Great episode!!! And I loved the idea for the theme, too… I could go for a whole episode’s worth of these.

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