Ladies’ Knight with Kuros #8

Kuros reminisces with our friendly barkeep about something everyone reading this comic has experienced.  Do you remember yours?  Don’t miss the latest Ladies’ Knight with Kuros!





16 thoughts on “Ladies’ Knight with Kuros #8

  1. Wait, what was Chris’ first time story? I don’t know that I’ve heard it and I’ve listened to every Tdar and Lasertime! How could I have missed it??

    1. The first time he jacked off was when he was watching Eek the Cat on his parents bed. He later realized that the jerk off motion we all make as kids when we are saying something is stupid could be put to use for his pleasure purposes. I forget the episode of Tdar it was in but I’m pretty certain that was the story he told.

  2. Comment Commentary
    This topic came up at work one day between me and a few co-workers. One of them said that the first time he came was from dry humping a raccoon. He left off the stuffed part. I asked him if it was a real live raccoon or like a taxidermy raccoon, and then he laughed and clarified that it was in fact a toy stuffed raccoon. I tweaked the story and added the part about wearing his sister’s pantyhose when he did it. Mikel’s response to hearing this is basically the same as my own after hearing about the raccoon.

    For your reference, another guy said that the first time he came was with an electric toothbrush. Just throwing that out there for anyone who wants to try something new.

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