27 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #23 – Back from the dead

  1. Gamesradar goes back to podcasting and Cape Crisis comes back. Laser Times abscence is almost forgotten in the Podcast bliss.

  2. I went over to Gamesradar after reading an earlier post and I hadn’t been there since before they shuttered Tdar. Good luck with RadioRadar but without the guys I love I don’t think I can even go back. Not even for the Tank. I can get my fill of Tank here.
    Good luck anyways.
    Oh and it’s great that CC is back.

    1. I agree completely, if it aint got Chris, Brett, Mikel, Tyler or Mike Grimm then i dont want to know. I’ve never been a Hollander Cooper fan either. I won’t be listening but i hope it does well, all the best RadioRadar.

  3. I think Chris should be more vocal via twitter to why there was a lasertime absence, i assumed it had something to do with sickness or your new job but for those who think it ended like Tdar may just stop coming here, this site and the forums were dead during the absence.

  4. The tv show that Whedon is doing could be based off the newly acquired Daredevil rights. It’s more grounded towards television, it’s just a thought I had while listening.

    I’m just glad that CC came back. I had withdrawals last week!

  5. Glad that Brett and Chris will be doing the Capcom-Unity podcast together from now on. I tried to get into it, but it just stayed too on topic, and I know Chris will stop that.

  6. I missed this podcast so much last week. Good to have it back.
    I’m so excited for the news about the rights of Daredevil going back to marvel.

  7. I haven’t listened yet, but I just wanna say that I love what you guys do and this Podcast is just fantastic. I never want any of you to stop Podcasting, these are the only things that really get me through my work week.

  8. i’ll be honest.
    i’ve been reading comics since like 1982 but i never knew batman didn’t kill.
    seriously. i didn’t.
    i knew he didn’t like guns. but i didn’t know about the kill thing.
    then again… i’ve only read 3 batman comics in my entire life.
    ah well.

    lovin’ dem sound effects chris.

    wait… from ann’s initial description of Saga… it sound like gundam. haha!

  9. Looked up Saga because of Anne’s mention and I cannot wait to get into it!! It looks so good! I’m sad I ddn’t know about it to grab a first issue :(. I loooooove Deadpool, so I can’t wait to get the trade for Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, thanks for telling me about it guys! On the other side of the spectrum, I am so sad to have realized Marvel doesn’t have the rights to Galactus and Silver Surfer :(. Pretty much all my money will be going to bills and rent this month but I cannot wait to stock up on comics, this show is like the comic clinic for me until I can so thanks guys. I’ll be giving you a little money through Amazon very soon!

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