9 thoughts on “Ladies’ Knight with Kuros #10

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    The premise of up close shots of Kuros and then finally revealing him being laid out on the floor was one of the first ideas I thought of for Ladies’ Knight. The up close shots of Kuros should actually be mirrored, though. By the time I noticed the mistake I was too lazy to change it.

    I should note that I agree with Kuros on this one. Not enough girls wear skirts. Or boots. Or stockings. Especially stockings…

    The reason why there are two comics for this week is because I didn’t think the second one was good enough to stand on its own. The second “bonus” comic was actually the first one I made, but it had a few things about it I didn’t like. I figured if I didn’t post it along with another comic, it would never be posted at all. It was almost “the lost issue!”

    An example of things I didn’t like, I didn’t like how the out of context opener ended up making sense by the end. That’s strange, but I always wanted the out of context opener to be filled in by the reader as to what Kuros, or in this case Curos, was talking about. Also the last comic was very text driven, and this one really wasn’t, so it felt kind of cheap to me.

    The original concept was Kuros that said the opening line “Zombie apocalypse or not…” I changed it because I thought people might get more hung up and confused on why Kuros would say that rather than it just being funny. Changing it to Curos changed the entire atmosphere of the comic. The zombies almost didn’t make it in, either.

    In the original version, the third panel had text. Both the barkeep and Curos replied, “Nothing.” I thought it was funnier that they just looked at Kuros instead of actually saying anything.

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