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Chris is sick, but a special guest replaced him (hint: with chins). Tyler tried to pull something together, then got sick too and edited the podcast while slightly delirious. Brett was there too, we think. Can you tell you’re in for a treat? You are maybe! Oh right, we talk about comedy, Twitter, fancy dinners with Hollywood producer-guys, guilty pleasures, and stupid baby names. Go get ‘er!


29 thoughts on “Laser Time – Three Guys A-Goofin’

  1. I went add bought stuff on Amazon just yesterday, hopefully I did it right so Laser Time gets the credit. Anywho, looking forward to the new show.

  2. I climbed the comedy Twitter ranking and got up to 500 followers in my first year, then after my divorce, I only used Twitter to tweet at the Laser Time crew. 🙁 My ex-wife took away my Twitter funny bone..

  3. New Lasertime for listening to at work, and then new Mass Effect DLC and Walking Dead game episode for when I get off work. I’m the happiest boy in the world.

  4. Wow I thought I was going to hate this but I was Wrong. Wrong is also my favorite name for a child. boy or girl. Or even a third gender. Is anyone else annoyed that you only have two choices for gender?

    1. I’ve often wondered about the idea of a third gender. Like how life would become some kind of Advance Wars check and balance… two can’t procreate directly, have to use the third in some way, but maybe one is also weak to anti-air guns?

  5. Wait a minute! I’m pretty sure Emerson in Boston is where Paul Ryan went after he left GamesRadar! Oh mah gawd! I just had a revelation!

  6. I love how Laser Time is continuing the TDar tradition of ruthlessly mocking Chris whenever he’s absent. Great episode, guys.

  7. Great episode.
    From now onI’m going to disagree vigorously with people, and when we eventually agree on something I’ll always say in my best possible ( IE worst possible) Bane voice “…why do we fight?”

  8. Maybe my favorite episode yet! The best parts always seem to be when you guys are off topic and coincidentally that was what this whole episode was, topicless!

  9. Just wanted to point out when Sam was complaining about the Spider_man movie, and how Peter Parker kept doing all these superhuman things and one one noticed…

    You do realize that the Sam Raimi movies did this all the friggin’ time as well, right?

    Heck, even in the same kind of scenes, when Peter Parker confronts Flash in the first movie, he fucking send him flying across and entire hall with a single punch, and one one make a big deal about it. neither did they say anything when he shoot web and pulled a food tray across the entire food hall that was crowded with students.

    What I’m trying to say is, I don’t mind that you disliked the movie- But the reasons stated as to why is bad or the script is stupid rings kinda false and unfair to me, specially when the original movies (specially the firs tone.) Had just as bad of mistakes, even more terrible dialog, and a myriad more of stupid, illogical, campy or unbelievable moments.

    1. I haven’t seen the previous Spider-Man movies in a long time, and I might totally agree with you if I re-watched them. I guess I’m just spoiled by Batman and Avengers, which show us what CAN be done on either end of the spectrum from serious to flashy/fun. Spider-Man was neither. The script was shitty in my opinion, and people not questioning crazy things in the slightest was just too much. As I said, you may be 100% right about the Raimi movies, but I wasn’t comparing the new one to them, I was just judging it as a standalone movie.

      I appreciate the response/different context, and I’m glad you listened and took the time to give a dissenting opinion ‘n shit.

      1. No worries man, and I do understand where you’re coming from. Honestly? the first time i watched it, i came out of it with mixed feelings, SPECIALLY concerning the ignoring of those events, and the stupid, stupid sequence of the cranes… But then i watched the first and second spiderman movies, and I found a newfound appreciation for the new one. It’s not perfect by any means, but honestly? it’s better acted, has MUCH less awkward dialogue, better action, and better pacing even. That, and really, the first spider-man movie nowadays can’t be enjoyed unless you take it as a camp film.

        Also, I definitely agree that the new Spider-man Movie doesn’t even come close to the avengers. (Though I sadly won’t say the same for the dark knight rises, I liked it, but I think I honestly might have enjoyed the amazing spiderman more.) But I’m still glad it exists, and hopefully, now that they’re done with the origin story, (AGAIN!) the sequel will be better if only because it wouldn’t have to be as restrictive plot-wise.

        Lastly, thanks for the response ^^ And i apologize for the delay in responding with mine, It’s not often that people actually bother to reply in here ^^;

  10. The baby-name-off at the end was one of the most surreal pieces of improvised comedy I’ve ever listened to. Good on you, boys.

  11. Hey Sam, screw off for not getting the Judge Reinhold reference! Kidding, of course, you’re forgiven for having the greatest Bane impression I’ve ever heard.

    Great show, guys. R.I.P. Chris Antista.

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