Ladies’ Knight with Kuros #11

Kuros is back with more bacon than the pan can handle!  What does that mean in the context of this week’s fantastic issue of Ladies’ Knight?  You’ll have to read on to find out, but don’t be surprised when you find out that the answer to that question is nothing!  Truly this is the Laser Time age of comics!






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    This one is one of my favorites because of how the blacklight effect turned out. It came about one night after I put some UV cathode tubes into my PC tower and I was putting different things near it to see how they would glow.

    This comic is the first time the bartender actually moves and isn’t just a part of the background. It also includes several new sprites: The hanging globes are from Super Mario Bros. 3, the switch on the wall is from 8 Eyes, and the semen stains are greyscaled and inverted blood splatters from Doom.

    It was meant to imply that the semen was from Kuros, and originally his armor was covered in it, too. However, since the sprites are so small, the effect just didn’t work.

    The line about going cosmic bowling “only when it’s after-prom” comes from a discussion a friend and I had about the same thing. He’s a teacher and had to chaperone a high school after-prom at the bowling alley near my home. I told him afterwards I should have come over to see all the fine young ladies. He told me he would have thrown me out if I had. Psssh. Some friend!

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