37 thoughts on “Laser Time – Saddest Final Film Roles

  1. Just got home from seeing lords of Salem.. I’m tired it’s almost 4 in the morning and I need to sleep but fuck it, new laser time is here and I can’t wait to listen

  2. FUCK YEAH NEW EPISODE!! I really can’t even describe how much I appreciate this, it’s going to help get me through the last leg of an all-nighter I’ve had to pull for a drawing assignment do in two hours.

  3. Interesting subject matter! I can only really think of Raul Julia in Street Fighter, which while technically a horrible movie to end his career on puts him in a special place in all our parts.

    *insert joke about the saddle of the world here*

  4. Oh my god when Chris brought up Vincent Price and said “This is a hard one, but animation nerds out there are like GGURRRRRRRR!”
    I JOKINGLY thought Oh, well it’s Cobbler and the Thief. cos it’s the most inside-baseball cartoon movie I’ve seen that only 1% of people would even think of and he would never say- and then he FUCKING SAID IT AND THAT WAS THE ANSWER!
    I was like WHAT.
    I was like “I am smart.”
    I was like “I am that nerd he did an impresison of.”

    Awesome to have lasertime back!

  5. I love it when Diana and Mikel are on to talk about nerdy film stuff.
    Keep up the internet’s best podcast.
    Laser Time, the second most official website of the internet.

  6. Orson Welles in Transformers the Movie is kinda sad. Not because the movie is terrible (it’s not that bad for what it is!) but because he sounds like shit in it and probably shouldn’t have done it.

  7. DeForest Kelly played Bones in Star Trek, Scotty was played James Doohan, whose final role was unfortunately a shitty direct to video syfy quality horror movie called Skinwalkers: Curse of the Shaman.

    1. I was surprised no one caught Chris calling DeForest Kelly Scotty on the show, myself.

      Gene Kelly’s dancing movies aren’t so thrilling, but Singing in the Rain is pretty good. I like him in Three Musketeers and Inherit the Wind, where he doesn’t have to sing and dance. Xanadu’s not really that bad, if you can handle some late 70’s kitsch.

  8. Awesome episode. I remember reading somewhere that Sean Connery said his experience on The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was so bad, it was the reason for his retirement. As for Bruce Lee and Game of Death, not only did they use actual footage from his funeral, they also used doubles who looked nothing like Bruce Lee, and in some scenes, they even used a cardboard cutout.

  9. I’m listening to this after getting home from 2 hours of being lost on the freeway. Probably should have listened while I was driving but this should be the best cure for my road rage.

  10. How about John Wayne making “The Shootist” in which he plays an old gunfighter dying of cancer and then actually dying of cancer shortly after that. Hope you didn’t mention this one. I didn’t listen yet.

  11. I know it’s coming so you should know that Raul Julia’s role in Street Fighter was a crowning moment of awesome and heartwarming, he knew his time was ending and let his grandkids pick his final role they were Street Fighter fans and picked that one. Raul knew what kind of movie he was in and seeing how he was dying decided to enjoy himself and hammed it up like nobodies business. Thus turning what would’ve been a forgetfully bad movie into an awesome campy ride. R.I.P Raul”Gomez, Bison/Vega, Chico Mendez” Julia.

  12. Did you guys know Don Knotts’ last movie is fuckin’ Air Buddies? He plays a crotchety old dog who helps the puppies find their parents.

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