Best Amazon Releases for Sept. 11th (That feels weird to say…)

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Bored to Death Season 3
YAY: A Season of Bored to Death I haven’t seen! BOO: The last season of Bored to Death, ’cause this shit is most definitely canceled. Which sucks beyond belief, really, as it was one of the more original and refreshing TV comedies I’ve seen in recent years.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2  360  |  PS3
From what I’ve heard, and it’s from the people who know these kind of things, this thing’s a weird little hybrid of the satisfying, yet difficult mechanics of the original Tekken Tag mixed with the over-the-top franchise fan service of the Smash Bros. series. Since I’ve immensely enjoyed both in the past, it leads me to believe there’s a wonderful bit of fun locked away in here, even though my interest in Tekken has waned in recent years. Jazz that shit up with a snazzy TTT2 arcade stick!

Okay, let’s not pretend that you actually “hate” this movie. Perhaps you believe it to be overhyped, unworthy of being the highest-grossing movie on the planet, or are just fucking sick of “King of the World”  that still rear their idiotic head in 2012 (I’m looking at you, Chipwrecked!) But you don’t honestly hate Titanic. Hell, you probably don’t even dislike it. Nor should you: it’s a phenomenal film! It sets up a universally compelling love story set during one of mankind’s largest tragedies, and is one of the best marriages between the big budget studio blockbuster and a sincerely moving romance. I haven’t seen this in years, and my memories are literally grayed by small screens and substandard presentations. Can’t wait to check this out on Blu!

Harry Potter Wizard Collection
Is this the Harry Potter set you’ve been holding out for? Perhaps. It’s got all EIGHT movies, all the features, new bonuses and additional DVDs and digital copies. But still… 0ver $300?! Pricey for sure, but the thing I love most about the set is the box itself. It’s by no means garish, and can easily squeeze onto any shelf. Furthermore, the fact that it folds out to reveal hidden compartments like a genuine piece of Hogwarts decor moves me in a way I didn’t quite expect. And hey, you’re talking to a guy who hasn’t bough a Potter film since the death of HD DVD, so perhaps this set will get me off my ass…

Fringe Season 4
The second most interesting Walter on television! I’m still stuck in Fringe’s 2nd season, but damned if the series smacks with a charming/serious X Files vib that can’t be ignored. After years of feeling slightly burned by J.J. Abrams productions, Firnge is probably the best argument that his cliffhangy mass marketing isn’t a total waste of your collective consciousness.

NHL 13  360  |  PS3
Are you ready? ….R U READY FOR SOME HOCK-KAAAAAAAY?! A, um, winter night’s party? But seriously, you’ll know the answer to that question better than me, just as you’ll also understand what the hell is new to this annual version of the game. Would it be okay if I skipped trying to describe the added features then? It’ll save both of us time.

Piranha 3DD
If you were paying attention, then you’ll know that the first Piranha (remake?) actually surprised the shit out of people, many of whom were 100% ready and willing to hate it. Of course it’s that true, you’ll also know full well that the same could not be said for this sequel. Perhaps that tongue-n-cheek, over-the-top exploitation can only charm folks once? Who knows, but I can’t imagine this isn’t worth a watch.

JASON STATHAM ALERT. Although we clearly can see Sir Statham holding a gun, so as to note confuse us by distinguish it from anything else he’s every been in, but the title leads me to believe this film’s is actually somehow the story of baseball. STATHAM’S JUST THAT GOOD! He can pull off multiple genres while using guns as part of his greater telekinesis, just one of many powers held by this invincible angel of absurdist action BTW. I’m guessing he’s the MLB’s leading base stealer forced to pull of one last heist…

Snow White and The Huntsman
Ah, here’s the less funny Snow White movie of the two released over the summer. While I’ve heard not a word on the goofy Armie Hammer/Julia Roberts joint, I have heard several notably good to great things about this version. Not the least of which being the driving force behind shaking every Twilight fans’ faith in eternal love! ZING!

The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Fifth Season
Hey, no judging here. As long as you make purchase through our links, you’re helping support Laser Time and your secret’s safe with us…



Finding Nemo: Escape to the Big Blue
Here’s a disturbing little trend that’s perhaps soon to emerge. Disney seems to have taken (what I imagine is) it’s thoroughly underwhelming, largely forgettable (that one I’m sure of ) Finding Nemo DS movie tie-in and added an extra dimension of stank for the 3DS. I… don’t know how much of this I’ll be able to take. Game makers: Pay no attention to this easy money!

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Dead or Alive 5  360  |  PS3
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Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse  360  |  PS3
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NBA 2K13  360  |  PS3
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Medal of Honor: Warfighter  360  *NEW*
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46 thoughts on “Best Amazon Releases for Sept. 11th (That feels weird to say…)

  1. It does seem weird to see stuff releasing on September 11, doesn’t it? I saw the commercial for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and they had 9.11.12 on there and it caught me off guard.

  2. I need to add to my Scrooge McDuck collection. Doing it through Laser Time by clicking on an Amazon link just seems so right.

  3. While I gave up on Tekken at Tag Tournament 1, 2 seems like a fun place to jump back in. I’ve really been enjoying SFxT so I might just give TTT2 a shot.

  4. I have to say I am interested in seeing Snow White and the Huntsman Looks pretty good. And thanks to Cape Crisis I am hooked on comics now, and I still have a very long list of stuff to get.

  5. I’m glad to see you always have good things to say about Fringe. People can say what they want about J.J. Abrams, but you’re definitely right about Fringe being worth people’s time.

  6. The Wizard Collection? I bet it took all of 12 seconds to come up with that name.

    Anyhoo, keep up the good work and I promise to buy some of my books* for university through the Laser Time Amazon links.

    *By ‘books’ I mean The Walking Dead Compendium. Obviously.

  7. Some interesting releases, but several Mystery Science Theater 3000 boxsets are 50% off. I think I’ll use your links and buy one or five!

  8. That Harry Potter Collection looks dandy, but I don’t think I’ll be paying over $300 for it. Maybe in a few years when we can scoop it up for about a third of the price?

    Brett actually helped peak my interest in seeing Snow White after expressing his surprised like of it on the podcast. Seems like it could be a fun time! It’ll probably be the better of the two Snow Whites this year, at least…

  9. Wow that Potter collection looks nice but yeah i’m with the guys who are waiting for the inevitable price drop. Love seeing The Goon on your comic recommendations this week might have to grab a few of those.

  10. Also on Amazon, pre-order Anarchy Regins for $39.95 which is a great price but it still has to release in the US next year, while Japan has had the game since July.

  11. Fringe season 4 finally released one of the few shows i watched before direct tv was cut and realized the fox signal didn’t reach my house.

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