Ladies’ Knight with Kuros #13

If you’re going to get down and dirty with your partner, there are some accessories you might need in the heat of the moment.  In this week’s Ladies’ Knight, Kuros recounts such a tale where a crucial tool was not on hand at a critical time.  Based on a true story.  You don’t want to miss it!






9 thoughts on “Ladies’ Knight with Kuros #13

  1. I love his position in the first frame. It’s like he is actually trying to show the barkeep how he does his mojo.

  2. Comment Commentary
    The first two panels of this comic are almost verbatim to a story someone told me at work. I knew it was a perfect premise for a Kuros comic!

    I almost didn’t include “Asshole: The other pussy” because I didn’t know if it would get approved or not. I thought it might be a little too vulgar, but I did it anyway because it sounded funny as hell. I never want to not try something in one of these comics that I think is funny because it’s vulgar. That’s the whole point of it.

    I will also use this to reply to Rumpledforeskin’s comment about Kuros being “analcentric lately.” This is a true statement, and I didn’t realize it until I read the comment. In fact, it made me go a different direction with the following comic because it too mentioned asses and anal. The premise for that scrapped “lost” comic still hasn’t been implemented, but one day it will make the cut.

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