10 thoughts on “Ladies’ Knight with Kuros #14

  1. Was it so bad that the bartender thoguht it would end that way? Its what you come to expect with Kuros. Plus boners cannot be fun with that metal cod piece.

  2. Comment Commentary
    The topic of erection etiquette is something me and a female friend of mine once discussed in great detail. She said church, but then I said there could be sexy nuns or sexually pent up young girls there that are just dying to be a little naughty. Our conclusion that the only place an erection would not be appropriate was at a funeral.

    This comic had no ending in mind when I started writing it. I did the first panel and just started making up the second as I went along. When I finished that panel, I remembered a story a seasonal worker told about two years ago that I had completely forgotten about.

    It was basically what happens to Kuros here. The guy whose name I can’t remember (but he looked like John C. Reilly with a different haircut) was carrying on and telling us all about this female friend of his. Then he suddenly got real serious and told us that she had died. His lip started trembling and then he goes, “She had great tits!” and broke down crying and walked away real quick. It was absolutely hilarious. Like that’s her legacy. She had great tits. That’s what we’ll always remember about her.

    And if anyone was curious as to where Kuros was going to empty his ballsack, he was going to fold the guestbook around his dick and empty it into that. You gotta do what you gotta do, you know?

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