8 thoughts on “Ladies’ Knight with Kuros #15

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    I wanted to see Kuros behind the bar, so here we are. And I didn’t want to use the Princess for this one. I really didn’t. But it’s hard to find sprites of women in NES games that are in or somewhat in scale to Kuros.

    One time a girl and I were sexting and she was talking about sucking me off. She said she’d come up off of it with a “squelchy pop.” I thought that was a very accurate sound for that, so it had to be the sound effect of the Princess coming up off of Kuros’ dick, too.

    I also had to research what ejaculate tastes like. Even though I have access to my own 24/7, I’m not in the mindset to taste it. My research said several different things. For instance, it depends on your diet. I read it’s salty or bitter and has consistency like shampoo or a clam. I went with salty clam so I could make the double joke with the girl who has also eaten a salty clam before.

    After the reveal, I wanted it to be if you went back and read the way Kuros was speaking, you’d realize that he was reacting to getting head.

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