One thought on “VGMpire Episode 31 – CastleMania Vol 2

  1. For some reason, anytime I hear people gush about their love for SOTN, I get this weird feeling of warmth that flows through me. Truly a work of awesome.

    Further more.

    Super Castlevania 4 > Rondo of Blood. (suck it elitist)

    SC4 I feel as though I’m actually progressing through a castle (and surrounding areas), I get that feeling that I’m working my way towards something, and when I defeat Mr. Dracula, I can reflect on the journey I went through. (helped by the credits montage and “looking-into-the-distance credits theme).

    Rondo of blood feels like a bunch of levels and then suddenly Dracula (although I don’t speak Japanese.. so that could be the problem.)

    ( /venting to nobody)

    Great episode by the way!

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