Cape Crisis #29 – Agent Coulson lives?!?

After another week off for New York Comic Con, it’s time to talk about all the huge news that broke, Wreck-It Ralph, plus our love for a blind Irish guy…











Question #29: Is Agent Coulson really back from the dead?

13 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #29 – Agent Coulson lives?!?

  1. I’m saddened by the fact that you guys did not discuss Snyder’s Man of Steel, Giffen’s Threshold or Arrow’s premiere. Still, good ep.

  2. I have a feeling Coulson did die. But does this mean he won’t come back. Who know’s? Maybe it’s like the Venture Bros and he’s died dozens of times but each time he is replaced with an exact clone who has no memory of the death.

  3. (sobs) Not until February 2013… damn you again Disney! The Muppets, every Pixar film, Wreck-It-Ralph… you’re the studio piracy was made for!

  4. I think Chris’ explanation of why he likes The Joker is the exact reason I think I don’t like him very much.

  5. I was actually quite surprised at how good Arrow was, i was expecting it to be shiiiiiiiiiit! Also is it just me or does Threshold sound like Guardians of the Galaxy – DC Edition…

  6. I remember so many TDars where EVERYONE said that Avengers would either never happen, or be terrible. To be fair, we all thought that.

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