Cape Crisis #31 – WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!

DISNEY BUYS STAR WARS?! That earth-shattering news, a special guest chimes in on the Alpha Saga leading up to Amazing Spider-Man’s finale, and what the hell, a little Lord of the Rings talk too!











SPECIAL QUESTION: Disney buying Lucasfilm: Good thing? Bad thing? What do you think?!

35 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #31 – WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!

    1. I was legitimately upset that Datemaster Brett confused Nickelodeon with the Dosney Channel. He might as well have said that Shake It Up shows on Cartoon Network.

  1. On the topic of Star Wars, I wanted it to die before my memory of it was completely destroyed. But the thought of a new GOOD fucking movie is extremely exciting. I thought of JJ Abrams as the director after seeing what he did with Star trek.

  2. JJ Abrams did awesome with Star trek, he would rock it out on star wars reboot…… and Disney will keep is running FOREVER…..

  3. Boba Fett


  4. BOBA FETT?!?!


  5. Is this where I put my opinion? Disney buying Star Wars is the best thing that could have happened to it. Also, I want a Beauty and the Beast/Star Wars/Muppets cross over where the Beast/prince is Chewbacca/Han solo(yes, han turns into chewie), all the talking flatware are now muppets, Gaston is a Hutt, and Bell is replaced by Mark Hamill in drag. There’s no reason this can’t be made!

  6. Hey, just a small correction for y’all: Disney didn’t buy Marvel for $7 billion, it was $4.25 billion (which is still slightly more than Lucasarts, but still.)

    They did buy Pixar for $7 billion though, that might be where you got confused.

  7. If Chris ever finds the time, he needs to make a new “angry crowd booing” sound effect out of everyone’s impression of Southerners booing Cloud Atlas. I had to pause the podcast and giggle hysterically after that shit.

  8. I gotta start reading comics one of these days.

    Still kind of intimidated by the vast variety, but I guess the New52 reboot was designed for people like me.

  9. I laughed my ass off on that “speak for the trees” line,
    too bad I was on a bus

  10. My favorite part of this acquisition? Presumably, Marvel will now publish Star Wars comics, and Marvel is day one digital on Comixology. I really want to read the Thrawn Trilogy on an iPad, but I can’t, because Dark Horse is obnoxious. Hopefully those rights will eventually revert to Disney!

    1. oh wow… i wish i had read the comments before I had commented.
      this was along the same line as my same thinking.
      i wonder if disney will take back the franchise from darkhorse.

  11. you know in relation to comics and star wars with disney
    does this mean that dark horse comics won’t be able to make SW comics
    after a while?
    what do you think will happen with that?

  12. I may be alone here, but for whatever reason, Star Wars Episode I feels to me like the most Star Wars of the prequels. I’m not sure if its how the film was shot, the locations, the music. From what I can remember(what it feel to me like) episode II and III were all CG, and I think that took me out of those two films. They didn’t feel like the first three movies. Of course technology changed in the decade and a half between the two trilogies, but episode I, even with all the gungans and podracing, felt the most Star wars. To tell you the truth I might be wrong. I haven’t watched any of the prequel films in a few years so I’m just going by “feel.” I’m guess what I’m trying to say is I want the new trilogy to feel real?

  13. At first i was worried that we’ll be in for another load of star wars-branded shit but really this is the best possible scenario: and owner who has deep pockets and will be hands-off. They let marvel redeem themself and now its their chance. And on an unrelated San Fran note:

  14. Has anyone mentioned the possibility of a star wars theme park??? I think that can be the most interesting thing that can come from this. The possibilities are endless.

  15. Thank you for mentioning what that $4B is going into – my strangely nerdy heart actually got really pulled when he released that statement, and thank you Brett for echoing my sentiment.
    Holy shit – $4B in education will make a difference and it makes me so excited.
    Ok – soppy statement over.

    You have also given me the worst and funniest impression on southern Americans. But those accents are so charming!

  16. Bew! Beeeeew!

    But all hilarious southern boo’ing aside I think it is the best thing that could have happened for star wars, i’m excited too hear more about this new thing already. Feels good to be excited for star wars again.

  17. Brett, you’re so funny, but why do you always have to act like such a dick? Yes, things were off topic. Yes, a date was six months off. You don’t seem to appreciate that what fucks the show up isn’t the afformentioned issues, but daddy Brett putting everyone in their place. Quit being an know-it-all buzz kill.

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