Best Amazon releases for Oct. 6th – Very Halo Edition

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The Amazing Spider-Man
Oh, yeah… this movie happened. A bunch of strong performances from actors I truly appreciate that unfortunately did nothing to move me. Perhaps that’s the directors fault? Can’t really say, and I honestly don’t feel like watching this one again. Compared to Marvel’s recent outing, this is far beyond up to snuff.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Even the worst Paper Mario game is unreasonably awesome. If you’re like me, and a complete fucking sucker for Super Mario RPG (and every delicious game Nintendo chisels in thst vein) this is well worth your attention. Word from Mario puppet Hank is that the game is amazing. This is the one I’m picking up this week… So there, Halo 4!

Halo 4
Oh, hi there, Halo 4! I was ready, set, and waiting to potentially ignore you. In my defense, I’ve felt every offering after Halo 3 was fairly weak and somewhat unnecessary. (Hey, I’ve got a lot of shit to play!) However, I was absolutely taken aback by the incredibly positive reviews for Halo 4. Not only does it look like 343 finally nailed it (for arguably the first time) I’m kinda getting sucked up in Halo Fever for the first time in half a decade. To give you further incentive to purchase through them, Amazon’s offering $10 Instant Video credit just for buying through them. Also available in a brand new 360 bundle!

They Live
THE BEST THING OUT THIS WEEK! Do you like John Carpenter? Do you like Rowdy Roddy Piper?! That’s rhetorical – of course you do. Even if you don’t know it yet, you’re dying to see Rod run out of gum and kick the ass out of oppresive aliens and Keith David. This is one of my favorite movies of all time! If you don’t like it, then we are not in good standing.

Arthur Christmas
I was a bit curious about this, but Aardman Pictures’ CG animation puts me in a weird place. Wallace and Gromit are where it’s at, but Flushed Away should be… you see were I’m going, right?


Mass Effect Trilogy
Quite possibly the greatest interactive experience of this generation. The perfect Xmas gift for anyone, most importantly for yourself if you haven’t played it yet.


Muppet Christmas Carol
This could very well be my least favorite Muppet movie. I know for a lot of you this is a Holiday stapel, but I saw this in the theater, somewhere between the ugly onset of puberty and the realization that G rated musicals suck. I haven’t watched it since, and try as I might, I’m ridiculously uninterested in yet another retelling of A Christmas Carol. I’ve got enough of that shit going on already.

Prep and Landing
Sadly, I havent caught these new Disney Christmas Specials yet, but I intend to recitfy this in a big way this year. I’ve heard good things. What say you?


Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection -Limited Edition
This should probably get the award for “Release of the Week” on any legitimate movie site. FIFTEEN Alfred Hitchcock movies remasterd in high definition! I know some of you don’t like older films, but I could watch stuff like Rear Window and Vertigo over and over again. I heard someone call out North by Northwest as the original James Bond film, and I must agree. Not sure what’s “Limited” about this edition, but the value and package design seem well worth the somewhat high sticker price.

The Campaign
This movie didn’t do much for me. And I’m no Galifianakis/Ferrell hater either! More than that, I actually expect them to play the same character over and over. Unfortunately, the Ricky Bobby/Seth Galifianakis impressions didn’t produce anything all that memorable, with the notable exception of Dylan McDermott’s foul-mouthed political adviser. That character should probably get his own movie! He didn’t get near enough screen time IMO, and I think the Will Ferrell machine really missed out on some viral potential by not producing some Funny or Die vids featuring him pimping Romney and/or Obama.

Maximum Conviction
Now THIS is the comedy duo of the week! Steven Seagal and Stone Cold Steve Austin tear ass through a female prison? There aren’t enough Oscars!



Halo 4  | Halo 4 Limited Edition 
-Pre-order and receive exclusive customizable “Web” armor skin
Call of Duty Black Ops II  360  |  PS3 *NEW*
A $5 Amazon Instant Video Credit
-The Amazon exclusive Kindle backstory, Rightful King, on villain Raul Menendez
-Access to Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Double XP Opening Weekend on November 16th
-Pre-order any  edition and get the Nuketown 2025 bonus map for FREE plus an Amazon exclusive Call of Duty: Black Ops II Wallpaper
Playstation All- Stars: Battle Royale
-Pre-order PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and receive an exclusive set of costumes. This set includes additional costumes for Kratos, Fat Princess, PaRappa, Colonel Radec, Sweet Tooth, Sly Cooper, Nathan Drake, Big Daddy, Heihachi Mishima, and Toro Inoue
LEGO Lord of the Rings
-$10 in-store credit
WWE 13
-Pre-order WWE ’13 and get a free download of Pennywise’s new album, All or Nothing plus access to play as “Iron” Mike Tyson
Hitman: Absolution  360  |  PS3
-FREE Bartoli Custom Pistol, with built-in, high-spec sight and silencer to give excellent accuracy and an extremely high rate of fire with pre-order
Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse
– Pre-order Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse and unlock Evil Stewie and Evil Mayor West costumes
God of War Ascension *NEW*
Pre-order and receive the Mythological Heroes Multiplayer Pack FREE
Dead Space 3  360  |  PS3 *NEW*
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25 thoughts on “Best Amazon releases for Oct. 6th – Very Halo Edition

  1. You know, you guys should consider adding one or two sex toys in here just to cover all bases. For example, maybe the thing that would go great with Halo 4 is a fleshlight? Hell, I can’t think of anything better for the Alfred Hitchcock collection then a Real Doll. And as for The Muppet’s Christmas Carol? Well that’s pretty obvious to any person with a head and a heart .

  2. Oh, wow, that Hitchcock Blu-ray set looks phenomenal. Gotta add that to the wishlist! That, and Paper Mario.
    Also, thanks for the contest!

  3. very pumped to see a cartoon Christmas return. I was super sure that you were never gonna do it again but glad to see I’m wrong!

  4. Let me buy Halo 4 so I can give it a dishonest 0/10 like everyone else.
    Seriously do people not know what a 0/10 implies?

  5. Your disinterest in the muppet christmas carol disgusts me.

    And by that i mean it’s pretty good. A really christmas carol retelling.

  6. I watched Prep and Landing when is first aired on ABC, (synergy man, synergy) and I enjoyed it. It seemed like a mix of a christmas special and Office Space kinda deal. I remember seeing Prep and Landing’s sequel but I don’t remember if I liked it or not.

  7. Really liking Halo 4 so far! 343 did a good job.

    About Muppet Christmas Carol… one of my favorite movies, haha. Wife and I watch it every Christmas, somehow never gets old. Unfortunately I guess this Bluray cuts out a scene, so I’ll stick with my DVD for now! 🙂

  8. I’ve been waiting for Paper Mario for what feels like forever at this point. Nintendo announced it when they announced the 3DS, and I’ve been waiting patiently ever since. Betweem Paper Mario and Epic Mickey next week, the 3DS surely isn’t getting lost under all the Wii U kerfluffle.

    Also, if anyone needs another reason to buy from Amazon through Laser Time this week, today’s Gold Box Deal is the Mel Brooks Collection on Blu-Ray for $26. Think about that. Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, Spaceballs, High Anxiety, History of the World Part 1, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Silent Movie, To Be or Not to Be, and The Twelve Chairs on Blu-Ray for $26. Wow. That’s all kinds of awesome. And remember to support Laser Time!

  9. My mind went CRAZY when I saw Paper Mario was actually coming out. That’s one of those games I assumed was gonna be delayed indefinitely since I felt like there’s hardly been any coverage on it.

    Definitely picking that up this week.

  10. Right now the only thingy I want off amazon is Batman when its released next month. That way I can work on my Bane impression so I can freak out people in the bathroom stalls saying stuff like “you have my permission to poop” or whatever other random thing pops in my head…

  11. I am all over Paper Mario and debating on getting Halo 4. Tough decision with Black Ops II coming out this week.

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