26 thoughts on “Laser Time – Extraordinary Jingles

  1. Seems LT always comes out at a disturbingly perfect time for whatever I’m doing. Or maybe I’ve just been a Tdar for so long I’ve scheduled my life around quality podcasts without knowing.
    Anyways funny stuff as usual

  2. Yes! Time to take a break from re-listening to old laser time episodes (currently Supergirl. Seriously.) and listen to a new episode. Interesting topic too.

  3. great ep! I had the Juicy Fruit jingle stuck in my head for the last 3 years for some reason (even tho i think it’s from the 80’s) The one where its starts with “Get you skis shined up, grab a stick of juicy fruit, the taste is gonna move ya..”

  4. the juicy fruit still exists…..least in Canada it does

    However they don’t sell sticks of juicy fruit here anymore so they changed lyrics to piece of juicy fruit

    If i find link ill post it here

  5. I just watched the Bill Paxton’s movie Frailty, and when I saw him drinking Hamm’s beer I instantly had “From the land of sky blue water” pop into my head. I hadn’t seen a Hamm’s commercial since I was at most a teenager, probably twenty years or so ago, but it came back very clearly. And I could sing along with most of the commercials in this show, even if I couldn’t quite remember how they went just by mentioning the product. But, commercials never made me buy anything, I just remember the commercials.

  6. This episode is easily one of my all time favorites. It has everything I love about the guys, from their non-stop joking, filthy minds, quizzes, Mike Grimm, CAntista, Brett, new comer Dave Rudden and of course nostalgia. They were on fire! 😀

    Board Game Quiz -> YouTube

  7. This came at the best time, Thank YOU. Really needed a pick me up as our office got some bad news about a loss of one of our manager’s significant other, who also has her daughter working here too. Gah today sucks but I had many lulz inside my head sitting at my desk today listening to you guys. I personally love the Crossfire jingle as well. I’d like to throw out a fictitious jingle, the log song (from BLAMO). :/

  8. Artery-burstingly frustrating morning at work. Luckily, Laser Time was there to keep me from tearing ALL of my hair out. Thanks, guys.

  9. Australian Toaster Biscuits still exist, they’re made by Franz and are now called Outback Biscuits, they have a yellow label with a kangaroo on it. I found them at Walmart a couple of months ago.

  10. Brilliant episode dudes. I was working some soul crushing manual labor whilst listening and my heart was lifted. totally singing along and shit. luv ya guys!!!

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