15 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #34 – Acts of Vengeance

  1. Woah…Cape Crisis talking about DC comics?!? YESSSSSSS

    As someone who mainly reads DC Comics it makes me very happy that you guys like Batman and the Flash and talked about it. After you catch up on those you guys should read (If you haven’t already) Aquaman, Batman INC, Animal Man, and Swamp Thing.

    1. Also Wonder Woman. Highly recommend the New 52 series, don’t need any prior continuity knowledge, although knowledge of the Greek Gods enhances your enjoyment. A real deep-myth Sandman vibe to it, and a great adventure too.

  2. Hot damn this was the best Cape Crisis ever. Also regarding ASM, I guarantee the guy who is Spider man right now won’t be Spider man by #700.

  3. thank y’all for this. I need something to eat my mexican thanksgiving food while I’m hiding away from the huge mass of obnoxious people called the rest of my family. Also an unexpected Grimm is always an amazing surprise.

    1. Yeah… so the thing is, I only really know him from Ultimate FF and Phoenix Endsong, so when it’s experienced in moderation, that style is really different and cool. But looking at the wider net of work, it’s clear he’s recycling and “over referencing” from time to time. But long and short of it is, he’s better than me, better than most people I know and he’s certainly not the only artist to eff up proportions or lift ideas.

      But point taken!

  4. Well this was a very fun Cape Crisis, at least listening wise. Anyway my favorite older crossover is definitely Age of Apocalypse, it hit me right at the right time when I didn’t follow any comic news mags and so I was caught unaware by all of these X-men books suddenly being strangely different yet familiar. Still love those comics.

  5. Glad to hear you branching out a bit more Chris. You should really check out DC’s dark line. It requires zero knowledge of the characters and just about every book is amazing and pushing the boundaries of a big two book. Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Justice League Dark, I Vampire, and Sword of Sorcery are the ones I would recommend.

  6. I’m glad to hear the new Captain Marvel mentioned on the show even if it wasn’t totally positive. I don’t like time travel stories either but I thought this one was pretty good and it’s the first time the art in a comic has really blown me away. I like that they’re now treating Carol Danvers as a badass superhero, not a woman that happens to be a superhero and that’s really refreshing.

    Anyway I have high hopes for the series so keep an eye on it.

    Great show especially when Elston is on!

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