8 thoughts on “Cheap Popcast #2 – Wrestling Buddies

  1. woohoo!

    I was wondering, what is the usual delay time for something to appear on itunes? I’m out the door, but I will nab this once its in the store. Thanks, dudes.

  2. Oh Kickass. I thought this would be happening next week. Downloading now and getting ready to listen.

    I honestly didn’t think I’d listen to a podcast about wrestling. But then again, I never thought I’d listen to a podcast about the pokemans either. Must be something about Hank I can’t resist.

  3. I knew it would be biweekly. Just like how Cape Crisis said they would be biweekly, but quickly became weekly. You Laser Timers are just so excited to podcast you can’t contain yourselves. And I love it!

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