10 Out of Context Screen Grabs from G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe:  A Real American Hero is a silly show.  Do you know what makes it even more silly?  When you take screenshots from parts of it and show them out of context!

For almost no reason whatsoever, here’s ten super silly (or super sexy) out of context images from one of the most popular children’s cartoons of the 80’s.  Yo Joe!

Enjoy this?  Want to see more?  Let us know in the comments! For more G. I. Joe stupidity, why not check out G.I. Joe’s wonderfully idiotic Christmas Special over on A Cartoon Christmas?!






28 thoughts on “10 Out of Context Screen Grabs from G.I. Joe

  1. This is letting me know that THIS will be the best Christmas ever!! Cobra Commander on the Cobra Phone? Yes please. Wild Bill, Bazooka, Barbeque and a bucket? I’ll take 2! And Destro, your corn riddled antics know no end. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  2. What makes these really great is they are totally out of context for me. I never liked that show so I never watched it. TMNTs was more important.

  3. Uhhhh so in pic #2 those cobra guys appear to be really well endowed. And the ass on the guy in front, he must work out! Also I’m not gay, its just that that stuff really jumped out at me.

  4. Funny. I can’t image you can find any more of these. OR CAN YOU?

    I will definitely come back to check. Thanks.

  5. Yeah these are all fantastic, why are cobra dudes giving those damn animals showers? Cobra phone? Spielberg!? Awesome.

  6. I’m slightly uncomfortable with how well-defined the asses and bulges of those COBRA troops are in that second pic…

  7. Surprised you missed the one of Shipwreck humping the side of beef from the Christmas special. Best part of that one is the line that went with it.

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