9 thoughts on “New Superman trailer!

  1. Meh.

    If they don’t spend much time on him being a kid and a lot of cool fights between him and Zed(?) it could be alright.

    I still don’t like how scaly the costume is though.

  2. Honestly more excited about this now. Cavill looks good, Amy Adams is always fantastic and that brief glimpse of Michael Shannon looked promising. Also no Inception bullhorn. As long as Snyder can keep his more over the top tendencies at bay this could be amazing.

  3. Was that Superman with a beard, or Zod? Godalmight, I hope we get a little bit (or a lot of) bearded Superman.

  4. No joke, when I first saw the trailer I whispered “We’re ready Superman” at the end of the trailer.

  5. Did anyone else feel that their presenting Jonathan Kent in a somewhat unflattering nature, because I don’t know if Clark was talking about JC, or Jor-E at the end, either way it looks like this movie has more action in it, then what was under Superman Returns’s asshole.

  6. I’m less worried after this trailer. I really liked the part with the bus, just because It’s an interesting angle.

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