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When bringing the magic of manga to a live action format, it’s important not to lose anything in translation. Luckily Yakuza Weapon has taken bat shit crazy to dizzying new heights in order to retain the integrity of its ink saturated roots. Sure, there’s blood and gore by the bucketful, peppered with dialogue delivered with disproportionate amounts of rage, but all of that pales in comparison to the star of the show – a fucking vagina gun. Yakuza Weapon, a mother fucking winner is you!

Genre: Action/ Sci-Fi
Director: Tak Sakaguchi / Yudai Yamaguchi
Rated: R
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A reckless young upstart of a junior Yakuza returns to Japan to investigate the assassination of his father and Yakuza boss after living the life of a mercenary with the Japanese Larry and Curly in a jungle for four years.

Yakuza Weapon Shozo Iwaki Tak Sakaguchi
Shozo Iwaki

Upon discovering rival Yakuza Boss Kurawaki is responsible as a part of his diabolical plan to control all of the local clans, Shozo unleashes a veritable shit storm of whoop ass that spatters down on the scumbags of the city.

Shozo vs Shimada Yakuza Weapon
I’ma kick your ass!

Shozo tracks down Kurawaki to his high-rise headquarters wherein awaits a plethora of videogame style bosses on each level, all eager to carve out a chunk of his hit points. Mixing a modicum of common sense with a big fat dollop of sheer fucking insanity, Shozo bypasses them all by blowing up the tower and bringing Boss Kurawaki down to earth with a big ol’ bump.

Yakuza Weapon Kurawaki Tower Guardians
Kurawaki attempts to evade the inevitable showdown by shooting off Shozo’s arm and leg and making a hasty retreat courtesy of a nearby chopper. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t account for Shozo’s indestructible Yakuza will or his penchant for being a badass and he’s blown out of the sky by a surprisingly well-aimed grenade launcher, given the circumstances.

Yakuza Weapon Shozo Chopper Takedown

Both men narrowly escape the clammy hands of Death thanks to a whole heap of scrap metal and some nifty welding. Kurawaki’s do-it-yourself transformation sees him emerge as a garish Tetsuo: Iron Man-like monstrosity while Shozo’s government funded op leaves him with immaculately reconstructed limbs that house a Gatling gun and a rocket launcher.

Bionic Shozo Yakuza Weapon
“I never asked for this. But I fucking love it!”

Meanwhile, Shozo’s old sparring partner and blood brother has gone a bit mental after the rape and murder of his sister Sumire. Consumed with the desire to prove himself as Shozo’s superior, a rug addled Tetsu is swayed into joining Kurawaki as a glorified body guard.

Yakuza Weapon Tetsu and SumireHaving witnessed the violation of his sister’s orifices first-hand before killing her rapist and murderer, Tetsu decides that the best way to honour her memory is to turn her naked cadaver into a giant weapon and thinks nothing of further violating her crevices by stuffing them full of various gun barrels and rocket launchers.

Yakuza Weapon Sumire Gun
Shozo, hot on the trail of Kurawaki once again, meets Tetsu in battle and the two face off in one of the most bizarre fight scenes ever conceived.

Will Shozo triumph over Tetsu? Will he face Kurawaki and his nuclear dick to become a true Yakuza? Find out in Yakuza Weapon!

Yakuza Weapon Kurawaki Nuclear Dick
Deadliest Dick

yakuza weapon movie posterWe dare you to buy Yakuza Weapon on DVD!

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  1. How do you get to be ‘rug addled’? And what kind of rug would cause that state of mind? My money’s on a shag rug, because 70’s.

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