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    1. It’s actually the least scary thing from The Neverending Story, in my opinion. That movie terrified me as a kid. Great soundtrack, though.

  1. dat file size! dat length! It’s like the good old days of TalkRadar!

    Seriously though I cannot wait! Long podcast = long… fun? That’s what she said? Whatever, can’t wait to listen!

  2. I don’t know guys, I loved the Hobbit. I saw it 3 times over the break with various people and I could watch it again. The dwarves were all in the book, so Jackson wasn’t gonna leave them out. The dwarves story was important to know why they wanted to go get their land back. Come on guys, a little cynicism is okay, but this was a movie done with care and passion.

    1. I enjoyed it as well. I don’t get why there’s so many negative reviews. I feel like all the critics are just jaded at this point…

      1. For real. I can understand some of the criticism, but giving The Hobbit a 2/10 just means you’ve never watched a bad movie in your life.

    2. It’s definitely a bit overlong and doesn’t flow as neatly as it should thanks to all the “additional” bits, but I definitely enjoyed it. I’m worried about this episode now after the teeth-grinding negativathon that was The Dark Knight Rises podcast.

      1. Actually, they really aren’t that hard on the hobbit as the comment above made it seem, they overall agreed it was a good movie and that they liked it… just would have wanted something a bit more out of the box, I suppose.

        Also, what kind of attitude is that, not wanting to hear criticism of something you like?

  3. The way the audio cuts out in the first break is pretty awesome. At first Chris is just doing his regular Audible spiel, then he and Tyler disappear and leaves us to Chessmaster music.

    1. Agreed. It was like that old Patton Oswalt bit about a heroin addict at an open mic nodding off during his own stand-up routine (except instead of snoring between the disjointed bits of dialogue, we get beautiful, beautiful chessmaster music!)

  4. Is this the “just a guy” dwarf you guys were referring to? – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2636108/

    If you look at his Hobbit photo they actually gave him a prosthetic nose. He stood out to me because he’s an actor from the UK version of Being Human, so I can’t really speak if he stood out for not looking dwarfish.

  5. This was a great episode! I do love the themed episodes, but I really think there’s a lot to be said for the episodes like this, where everyone just gets together and talks. The general feeling of optimism really energized me, especially because of the pessimistic tone that a lot of the episodes seem to have had for a while now. I’m really excited to see what’s on the horizon for the Laser Time network. Guys – thanks for doing everything that you do, and keep up the great work!

    To touch on something a little more specifically, though, I can’t really describe the feeling that I got when the idea was brought up about a new podcast regarding a “certain subject”. Once Chris really removed any doubt as to what the subject was going to be with his “It’s on our radar” line, I felt such a jolt of excitement and happiness. I have tried many, many different video game podcasts in the year since TalkRadar has been gone, and nothing even comes close… as a matter of fact, it’s rare for me to find one that I even want to listen to for more than two or three episodes. I should probably be embarassed by just HOW MUCH of my news and review information came from listening to that podcast every week, and its abscence has left me a lot more out of touch with what’s going on in the video game world that I used to be. I know that nothing is 100% for sure, but the news that Chris, Brett, Mikel and all the rest could potentially get back together to make a new video game podcast would absolutely make my day.

    1. I concur that I want to hear these guys talk about video games again. I know this will probably mean that Henry and Tyler can’t be on that particular podcast, but they can probably bring Mikel on to talk about Mac games šŸ˜‰

      1. Like I said though, I don’t wanna overpromise. For obvious reasons some of us can’t go off on games like we used to… but there is a fun thing brewing šŸ™‚

        1. That’s okay Brett, you talk about them all the time! THAT is fine!

          It’s your guys’ specialist subject and it’s what we all really want to hear about…

  6. this was a really great episode.
    a recap of the past weeks insanity.
    and CHRIS! i’m proud of you for NOT saying the N word, but saying “INWERD”
    aww… my little chrissy poo is becoming a man.

  7. The timing of your return couldn’t be any more perfect, got a long return bus ride tomorrow and this will kill the time nicely

  8. That ending was really optimistic and inspiring, especially considering the DARK opening topic.

    I like writing, Iā€™d love to contribute if possible, but you were kinda vague though. Looking forward to the New Year, and that thing that was teased.

  9. Guys, thanks for the super optimistic tone of the episode. Like, I feel like I got off to a pretty awkward start of the year and just hearing how positive and energetic you guys are about this new year really just gave me like this huge amount of hope and made me go “No, this will be a badass year, I know it.” Also Chris I’m proud of you for wanting to just overall improve a lot of aspects of yourself.

    Definitely gave a very positive vibe for whats in store podcast wise this year.

  10. If we can’t even say “dead nigger storage” as a direct, well-known quote, are we now fine with going back and censoring everything to say N-word instead?

    It was nice to hear Chris say it’s nice to have followers instead of complaining about not getting more followers. I’ve been listening since TalkRadar’s first episode went up, and I enjoy hearing whatever crap this group likes to put out there, about the backwoods of Illinois and Florida, and whatever is supposed to be on-topic that episode.

    1. I think it’s less about censorship and more about genuinely not wanting to say the word, even if it is from a quote.

  11. Great job with this episode guys. The two week break from podcasting ended up being well worth it after hearing how optimistic all of you were in the last segment. I can’t begin to imagine how much work all of these podcasts are, so I really appreciate the time all of you put into it, and I’m excited for whatever you have planned for this year.


  13. Pretty damn good episode, and whatever thing you guys are brewing has me genuinely excited… specially if it is about what it’s supposed to be.

    I’m gonna level with you guys, and I may sound like I dick, but I should say what I mean. I’ve been following Lasertime since near the start because I loved TalkRadar so much, but I haven’t really donated to the show, except once when they promised to do that E3 special if we did. Why? Because as fun as it can be to listen to some of your tangents, the real reason I liked and connected with TalkRadar was because they share a thing I loved passionately. Most of what is talked on in LaserTime are things that while I MIGHT resonate with a bit, it’s not the same. So I’ve never felt very compelled to support wholeheartedly.

    All this to say that, if you guys do a bona fide gaming podcast again, I will definitely pledge to support more regularly. And to show I put my pocket where my money is, I’ll donate again, right now.

  14. Considering how the show started (euthanasia, anyone?), I was amazed by where it wound up. Those last 20 minutes or so were probably the most exciting and inspirational of my entire previous year. As luck would have it, my big resolution for 2013 is to start building more of an online presence as a writer and musician, so….

    I don’t suppose Laser Time is in the market for an indie rock snob, is it?

    Yeah, didn’t think so. Don’t worry, I’ll come up with something!

  15. It’s been a great year for Laser Time. So much diversity in topics goes to show you have put in effort. But then again from the TDar crowd I expect nothing less.

    Good times…

    …also need to listen to this one now.

  16. Wow, this episode was incredible. Laser Time and its sister podcasts bring me a shitload of joy (well, more like 10 shitloads). Here’s to a new year, and exciting new stuff from you guys.

  17. You guys kick an unbelievable amount of ass. The past two weeks have been pretty painful, but the first episode of 2013 has got me all psyched for the future.

  18. Honestly, the best episode of Laser Time ever. Harkens to the glory days of Talk Radar. Also psyched about contributing my fair share to the site I love so much.

  19. Love it. I love it when the guys get all personal and you can really tell that Chris appreciates us listening even though our numbers may be small. So great.

  20. Great epsiode. My Mum pretty much said the same thing to me and my sister when we had to move our grandmother into a home. I’ve also started to notice my dad is getting old. I don’t know, comforting to know it’s happeing to other people to or something.

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