26 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #40 – Back to High School

      1. I’ve been reading the DOTF stuff a lot. Haven’t listened to the ep yet but I wish they’d talk about it a little more.

  1. Guys, I totally feel the same about comic books these days as you did when you were kids. Superior is basically my jumping-on point, because it seems really interesting.

    I’m totally psyched about getting a bi-monthly series from the comic book store, it’s got some sorta magic.

  2. Disappointed that there isn’t a spotlight again.
    Also, this question of the week is practically the same question asked exactly ten episodes ago, only with a slight variation.

  3. I don’t understand the whole “Wolverine’s reputation is as this violent loner badass and it’s been ages since he’s done anything like that”.

    You know he’s murdered, like, a half a dozen of his own kids in the last 6 months right?

    1. I’ll chalk it up to Wolvierine being in too many comics? I’ve read, like, 25 comics with him in it in the past year and only seen him “grr I’ll get you” and then do nothing, or be stopped by someone. When “back in the day” the bit to his character was loner with berserker rage that can barely be controlled.

      If he has displayed that attitude, great! I just didn’t see it – is this in Wolverine & The X-Men?

  4. Can’t wait to hear the Spidey talk, just got done reading that stuff and think they are taking it in an interesting direction

  5. Henry misread my comment, I was not advocating famguy merely using it as an example I wouldve made of the general publics view of aquaman, had he not hate raged and kept readin my point wouldve come across.
    Also u shouldnt use a death of the fam pic if your not gonna discuss it as most of the ep is brett ranting about spiderman(again) and I was left wanting.

    1. Is ranting the right word? I’m pretty positive on the new status quo. Though I do tend to bring up The Other, Back in Black a lot… mainly because it was so nice to dig him outta that hole.

      I’ll read more DC, dammit

      1. your not annoying brett, your really right when it comes to saying spidey fans should enjoy the mixup.
        But youve made that point before a couple times already. And you guys talked spidermans change last week. Thats cool if you wanted to again but ….batman this week seemed more prudent.

        Also you guys shouldnt worry about spoiling things and just give a disclaimer.

        1. I will disagree with that last point, especially since waiting for trade has become so common. I appreciate them waiting awhile before getting into heavy spoilers for newer books.

          1. Mostly by not giving a shit about Spider-Man. But they’ve held off on Walking Dead and other Image stuff, and generally avoid specific spoilers for stuff like Batman since those tend not to be huge news stories.

  6. great episode guys. here’s a question. where’s anne?
    not enough ladies actually talking about comics on casts, even tho i know they’re reading and making a TON of them.
    “sigh” guess i’ll go listen to the 3 chicks podcast then, if i want to hear a woman’s perspective on this industry.
    also… why don’t you guys just do the comic character spotlight as a bonus cast that comes out on like the weekends or something. record it right after or before CC but post it separately. yah? that way you don’t have to worry about there not being enough time for it in the regular CC episodes. C:

  7. I love it when my forum sig starts a Venture Brothers discussion, even if it was very brief this time! Hey Chris/Henry/Brett, have you seen the Halloween episode and if so what were your thoughts on it?

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